A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 Review!

I have waited so long to watch this and FINALLY I have the time ūüôā Now that I’m back in Vegas for the summer I have so much free time to spend on reading and catching up on my (very long) list of TV shows that I haven’t been able to watch yet. So here goes! Continue reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 Review!”


Shadowhunters Season 2 Finale Review!

I have to dive in right off the bat and say that this episode didn’t actually suck! I know that’s unusual coming from me but I think this finale actually did a decent job of tying up loose ends and setting up the next season. Guess what it comes down to: they actually executed the most important scene as it was in the book. See show runners? If you actually use the material that’s provided the show has so much more potential!

Episode 20: Beside Still Water

Sebastian has washed up on the beach and he’s bleeding out a pentagram, creepy as heck, but then he calls out to his demon mother for help and naturally she comes to his aid. She releases a scary dragon demon through the pentagram to be a distraction for the shadowhunters while Valentine is off getting to Lake Lyn. The special effects for this weren’t to cringe. What made me a bit annoyed was that the gang then goes out to fight this demon all together, but they do so while disrupting mundane traffic. At no point should anyone without the sight be able to see glamoured shadowhunters, and they would never stand in the middle of the road! They were literally blocking traffic in the middle of Manhattan and no one seemed to care until they snapped out of their demon fighting trance. The people on the sidewalk didn’t seem to care at all but then everyone in the cars was like MOVE IDIOTS YOU’RE BLOCKING THE ROAD. And it was true, they were.

Moving on, Simon and Luke go to Seelie to find Maia since Queenie dearest took her. Turns out all the Seelie Queen wanted to do was ask Maia about Simon, apparently things “only a girlfriend would know.” To me that sounded less like she was trying to figure out Simon in a we-just-made-a-deal-and-I-want-to-know-if-he’ll-follow-through way and like more of an innuendo, but maybe that’s just me.

It’s so funny to me that they think JC is dead. XD Like of course he’s not you idiots. But they’ll find out eventually, I jut think they should probably know better that to think he would die so easily.

Alec: Be careful.

Jace: Like wise, and when am I ever not careful?

This was a great Jace sarcasm line and it was well placed since Jace is about to be so un-careful that he literally dies.

Laughed out loud at Luke just swacking Faeries in the face with a stick and knocking them out so he can find Maia. He was being a little too intense, and then as soon as he finds her (after looking alone for ages) Simon and the queen just walk right in and Simon runs to Maia. Like let’s give Luke some credit here, he actually found her but then no one even cared!

Consul Malachi is on Valentine’s side, they figure this out very quickly as he reveals this fact and his circle mark. Poor guy actually had a decent role in the books, but they just introduced, laid out his whole character arc with dialogue, and killed him in the same scene. Too easy. And also completely insignificant because he wasn’t even mentioned before now so why should we care that there’s suspicion about him being in cahoots with Valentine? We shouldn’t, and we don’t. I’d understand that scene if they had introduced the suspicion in prior episodes but they really aren’t juggling all of the subplots well.

Jace’s angel blood super strength is really coming in handy lately. Does it get activated in his most dire moments? Does he have any control over it? It just doesn’t really add up for me in the show whereas the book Jace was just awesomely lethal all the time. No activation and glowing eyes needed. It’s a little weird and frankly, seems like it only exists for plot convenience so Jace can always save the day when it matters most.

Valentine just punches Clary in the face and it was lights out? Come on. Clary is actually a terrible fighter still but I suppose that’s acceptable considering she’s only been a shadowhunter for a few weeks by the normal timeline. I really don;t know how much time has passed in the show. However, they did keep to how things happened in the books this episode, with Jace dying and the angel bringing him back per Clary’s stolen wish. Side note: the parabatai rune shouldn’t disappear when one of them dies, it should fade. I guess they were going for the dramatic when they made Alec’s rune just disappear like it never existed at all, the parabatai bond is far too strong to disappear altogether after one of them dies.

Valentine death scene was pretty intense. I can be on board with that. I did think that the fight made Clary seem really weak, but it was also very emotional. The girl is killing the father that she never knew about as a child but has screwed up her life in so many ways. One does not simple do that without being emotionally scarred.

I can see them setting up for the season three villain to be Sebastian working with mother dearest, Lilith‚ÄĒthe first of the demons. It’s gonna get real evil next season, so much worse than Valentine.

Lead in to Season 3

Simon went back to the Seelie queen. I’m ¬†a little confused by this plot, but I think the queen offered Simon a deal, he refused, and maybe now he’s going back to accept it? I guess I’ll find out eventually.

Jace is having some brought-back-by-the-angel-Raziel complications.

Those demons that just “disappeared” are being controlled by JC’s mother, Lilith, who for all intents and purposes is his blood mother on the demon side. So next season I’m sure they’ll be working together and bringing hell upon the shadowhunters.

I am interested in where the show is heading from here, but I also still cringe a lot every time I think about watching the next episode. I assume the new season will start-up in January of 2018, and I don’t plan on prioritizing it over school and all the other shows I watch but that’s so far in the future that I could definitely change my mind.

What did you think about how Shadowhunters season 2 wrapped up?

Katie x

Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 19 Review!

I apologize if this post stops making sense sometimes because I am trying to keep my reactions as accurate to what I first thought as possible.

Episode 19: Hail and Farewell

Angry Jonathan Christopher is angry. Oh I actually liked that moment between angry JC and Valentine. I thought little bit of dialogue was cleverly written and actually kind of held some impact in the scene.

JC: Being discovered wasn’t part of my plan, but killing you was.
Val: Then it would seem you ave some issues with follow-through doesn’t it?

The gang figures out that the decoy body was the real Sebastian quickly, but they kill the demon possessing his dead body real quick too. Everything is so easy and we’re only 4 minutes in here.

The Seelie Queen has offered all Downworlders safety in the event of Val raising Raziel and killing all with Demon blood. And since Magnus agreed to her proposition, she speaks on behalf of all Downworlders now. She is refusing to help the Shadowhunters track down Valentine and JC. I still don’t know if I understand why she’s a child. It’s very hard to take a child authority-figure seriously… I’m always so confused when I watch this show though, she says we’re not helping the Shadowhunters but they’re doing what the shadowhunters wanted them to anyways. I had to watch this downworlder council meeting scene 3 times before I understood what happened.¬†So basically, I was very confused by this scene and that’s not a good thing.

Are Izzy and Rafael going to rekindle their relationship now? Barf. These emotional goodbyes are so lame, and this music behind them. I can’t, it’s so cheesy.

I like Simon’s reality check that college is super expensive, and that he’s totally wasting his mom’s money. That hurts me to my core so I’m just glad it’s been acknowledged. College IS expensive, especially those ones on the East Coast (*cough cough* BU).

Simon’s little quips are decent sometimes too, I particularly liked this one:

Simon: There’s no job too big!
Clary: I need you to talk to the Seelie Queen…
Simon: That job’s too big.

Oh geez the little child warlock is back. Ah we finally meet Catarina Loss, not blue I guess that was too high budget so they just put her in blue scrubs instead. Those who know about magic see through glamour so everyone would be able to see her blue skin and magnus’ cat eyes. They can’t just hide and reveal their marks at will, but for the purposes of not causing Henry Shum Jr. extreme eye pain and not having to paint all visible skin on Catarina blue, they just wrote in a fix for that. Oh dear the wolf CGI is pretty much just as bad as the Twilight movies. Not great.

Finally, Sarah Hyland’s version of the Seelie Queen. As I could see when they originally released this scene at ComicCon, she has a really bad old English accent that makes her sound like she’s impersonating Alice in Wonderland. Anyways, uh oh Simon made Queenie mad.

We all know Luke is still working with Clary and the gang, so he is giving them a heads up on info about Valentine and JC’s whereabouts. So he’s also going against Queenie in his own way.

This silly trance Clary goes into when she is imagining a new rune is comical. The tilting frame on her face and flashing incomprehensible images. Pretty funny if you ask me. Also, UGH the chemistry between Clary and Jace is sooooo forced. These shirtless Jace scenes are cringe to the max. There’s the slo-mo blinking and fan blowing their hair around as they share a meaningful embrace and glow with a golden aura together. Excuse me while I go burn my television to a pile of ash. Just kidding that would be slightly more painful to watch than this scene.

All right, Valentine creating an army of the endarkened to protect JC is pretty bookish right? right? Right. Why on earth would they go to a cemetery at night. Stupid stupid shadowhunters. Of course it’s a trap. It’s a cemetery at night! There is no way something good is going to happen with that kind of setting. They’re really forcing the “what happened between you two” thing because Izzy asked Clary, of course we have to acknowledge it between Alec and Jace too. More cringing. These zombie noises for the endarkened are high quality (that’s called sarcasm)

HE MADE YOU SPAGHETTI TOO DIDN’T HE whyyyy is this referenced so often on the show it’s like a running joke now. Haven’t mentioned the spaghetti yet this episode, gotta squeeze it in somewhere. If you watch the YouTube channel PolandBananasBOOKS you know this is a running joke in her vlog reviews for this show too, I recommend watching if you like to see people ranting about this series.

They may think Sebastian is dead now, but he’s not, right? That would be way too easy if he really was dead, but then again I don’t put taking the easy way out past these writers. Because as we know they have to solve each problem set out at the beginning of the episode by the time the credit roll each week.

Issues to deal with next time:

Maia was drugged and taken to Seelie, but why?

Seelie Queen is meeting with Valentine. What did Valentine whisper in her ear to make her intrigued enough not to kill him right there on the spot.

They also keep teasing on social media that not everyone is going to make it out alive so who are they going to kill off next! Find out on Monday at 8/7pm central, only on Freeform and the app and hulu and you know, all the places.

I really hope my you were able to follow my sarcasm,

Katie x

Shadowhunters Season 2B Episodes 17 & 18 Review!

So… I fell behind. Can you guess why? Obviously, for those who haven’t caught on, I am very much unimpressed with this show as a whole. I literally have no excuse for missing a week of watching/reviewing other than I just really wasn’t looking forward to another episode. It’s unfortunate, too, because I have always tried to keep my hopes high that the show would improve. It has improved to an extent, but it’s also not the most exciting show I have to watch right now.

Brief recap

Jace and Clary went on a mission (unsupervised) to Idris and almost died trying to find Valentine because Clary started hallucinating after drinking some of the water from Lake Lyn. Izzy saved the day, but either way they got to the cottage too late and Valentine and Sebastian were already gone. On top of this, Clary finds out that her brother, Jonathan Christopher, is still alive. However, she has no idea that he has been disguised as Sebastian this whole time… yet.

Episode 17: A Dark Reflection

Clary is havign Lake Lyn nightmares so naturally a shirtless jace has to run in and comfort her. She soon realizes that they can use her mother’s box of JC’s keepsakes to track him. But when she opens the box, it’s empty.

Valentine is still holding onto hope that Clary will accept him as a father and live happily ever after with himself and JC.

Luke’s Iron Sister sister comes back for a brief and confusing appearance in this episode. I know she’s helping Valentine and all that, but her existence is a pretty unimportant to the overall plot. She’s not the only one like that. Remember glasses girl at the institute? She had one line and is now no where in sight? Why introduce a character at all if they aren’t essential to at least one plot line? It’s just another sloppy element of this show. We, as viewers or many a great television program and readers of Cassie’s complex books, are looking at every detail and expecting it to be important at some point. The show writers, on the other hand, are just haphazardly throwing things in and then forgetting about them,

I’m starting to agree with people who say Malec is the only reason they still care enough to watch the show. I like them, I’ve just never favored them over the main plot… Until now. They are the only things that make sense most of the time when everything else seems all jumbled up. However, Magnus’ individual story line is a bit jumbled up for me sometimes.

Oof Maia is the one friend zoning Simon now. Harsh. Does this mean Jordan is going to come back into the picture eventually? it seemed like she was the one initiating the whole date vibe before so it’s pretty mean of her to shoot simon down now.

The whole mark-on-the-arm thing is so lame to me. I complain about this a lot but this show cannot draw out a problem. “Oh, we need to find the Mortal Mirror now? Let’s make that happen in one hour or less so that the problem is solved right away. We’ll put a mark on the arm of the one person who knows the Mirror’s location, but then we’ll kill him off because he doesn’t matter and then make Dot the confidant because we have to make her useful since she still isn’t dead.” I imagine that’s a little like what happened while the script was being written for this episode. It’s sad really that the show has no complexities that last more than one episode.

Will Tudor’s Sebastian is definitely one of the best sociopaths out there. I mean I know it’s all acting anyways because this is a TV show but at least Will Tudor is doing a good job with the role. If anything, he might be the reason I watch because while everyone else comes across as a lame excuse for their characters most of the time, Will is¬†really¬†selling Sebastian for me.

Wait a sec WHAT. The big bad mortal mirror is a little compact mirror that can fit in a purse or a pocket? Please tell me this is a decoy.¬†My exact thoughts when Dot pulled a compact mirror out from the statue in the park. I was about to be real mad if they made the mirror that simple. But either way Clary figures out that the real Mortal Mirror is Lake Lyn in about one second flat after the compact is destroyed, but I’m getting ahead of myself because that’s in the next episode.

This episode ends with an obvious set up for Sebastian to kill Max. So, on to the next one I guess.

Episode Grade: it just dragged on and on and on for no reason… so C-

Episode 18: Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen

Alright so cliffhanger ended quickly for me because I watched these two episodes back-to-back. I assumed Max was dead right away, because that would be on par with the books. But I know by now not to trust these writers to follow the book plot and keep certain people alive and kill off others. Maybe I should make a running tally of who should/shouldn’t have died.

Shouldn’t have died: Jocelyn Fray, Brother Zachariah
Should have died but is still alive: Dot, Max

Comment below if I’m missing anyone because I probably am.

As an example of a complicated character introduction, Bartholomew “Bat” Velasquez arrives. He’s scratched by Russel (a new character), which is interesting because in the books, Bat was already a wolf who had a complicated relationship with Maia. I’m hoping the Bat story line goes somewhere useful and isn’t pointless like most of the show’s other side plots. As of right now, it really only gave an opportunity to explain Maia’s ¬†back story¬†with her ex boyfriend, Jordan, and how she was turned. I’m glad they explained this in the show, but does this mean that they are planning to introduce Jordan before this season ends?


I liked seeing Sebastian squirm and panic in this episode. They have him figured out in the sense that they know he has infiltrated the institute. It just takes a while for Clary to realize that Sebastian is actually her evil brother and then try to stop him, unsuccessfully of course.

As I stated above, Magnus’ plot in this episode confused me a bit. I get that he’s torn after he and Luke visited the Seelie Queen early in the episode. Magnus doesn’t want to join forces with the fae if it means being placed directly against Alec, but the placement of the flashbacks confused me at first. Once I caught on, I could kind of figure out which scenes were flashbacks and which were in the present, but it was just not as easy to understand as I would have hoped. This probably could have been avoided if the editing was more clever.

Side note: it seems a bit weird to me that they’re actually using the Jade Wolf as a real restaurant. So now Maia works there too? As well as at the Hunter’s Moon? That girl works hard for her education I guess, but why would ¬†bunch of wolves bother running a restaurant in their den? That’s a bit tricky considering a mundane cop brought her girlfriend there to eat. Like if mundanes sit down and eat there that’s definitely a safety hazard. In the books, no one actually eats there, they just answer take away calls occasionally to keep up the cover. The more I look things up and remember them, the more I think that the show runners just didn’t do thorough research when creating the show’s key components for the screen and their plots.

Lot’s of soul bearing in this episode. pretty intense stuff.

They’re doing some kind of scary operation on max that he has little chance of surviving. Are they going to throw more plot to the wind and take the easy way out YET AGAIN by making Max live and figuring to who JC is super-duper easy? Maybe. There’s still 20 minutes left of the episode so all the problems can soon be solved shortly if we keep following the usual pattern here.

I know they thought using slow motion on the scene where Sebastian gets the mirror was going to look all intense and cool, but it was just lame. I feel like I use that adjective way too much in these reviews but I don’t know how else to express it. It was pretty stupid of Jace to leave his post, and for a fake text. Though I’ll admit the fake text was a great idea on Sebastian’s part. I know Jace was an emotional wreck and all because Max is like a brother to him, but come on Jace of course something bad is going to happen if you leave the mirror! That’s why it was being guarded in the first place!

Oh dear Clary thinks she’s destroyed the Mortal mirror… *facepalm* obviously that puny thing wasn’t the actual mirror!

And the Mirror mystery is solved. Wow see? This is what I’m saying. We wrap up this episode with every single problem solved. We have Max safe and sound, and he had figured out that Sebastian was Jonathan Christopher’s disguise (although Clary figured it out on her own too so his revelation was pointless aside from causing a brief death scare). Clary has figured out the mirror mystery. Malec is still in love and happy. The only cliffhanger we have is that Sebastian got away, but without the little mirror thingy that wasn’t the real mirror anyways. Phew.

All in all, this was a standard Shadowhunters episode in which a problem is introduced and solved right away with as much convenience as possible. It’s honestly like these characters don’t even have to do anything. Things just turn out fine no matter what. Why can’t we get some real drama and have more organized plot lines that last longer than one episode? Is that really too much to ask? If anything, it should make writing easier! You can draw out one plot line and really get into the details instead of being sloppy, which is how the show has been (and still is).

How do you think this season will be wrapped up over the next too weeks? Sunshine and rainbows? Me too, anything is possible at this point. I hope this post wasn’t too ranty for you, but maybe you feel the same way I do. I am getting more and more cynical as the show progresses.

Episode Grade: C; not terrible, but still pretty bad

A very bitter Katie x

For the record: I do pretty much all of my fact-checking on the shadowhunters wiki.

Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 16 Review!

Episode 16: Day of Atonement

Major plots:

Robert Lightwood is back to fix his son’s mistakes from last episode when Valentine escaped his transfer to Idris via a portal interception.

Clary and Jace want to find where Valentine went so obviously they’re going to do something stupid like, oh I don’t know, go to Idris by themselves pretty much unprotected.

Let’s dive in

Jonathan Christopher’s (I’m calling him JC from now on) true form is so gross, why couldn’t they just do what Cassie wrote and make him a human with black irises? That was his mark of demon blood, like Jace had the golden eyes, and how Clary has rune powers to manifest the angel blood? Do we really need the whole molten volcano rock body? These are the questions that haunt me. JC threatens to send Valentine to Edom? Maybe? I feel like he was just going to kill him, but the pentagram had to have a purpose so I can believe it would have sent him to hell.

Simon hanging out with his family seems like a recipe for disaster, but didn’t he tell his mom that he’s a vampire and she was surprisingly okay with it? Maybe I’m remembering this correctly but I think that happened in the first half of this season. He lets Maia go with him to dinner as his “girlfriend” so that she can keep and eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid. Simon’s strict Jewish grandmother seems to approve of Maia as a girlfriend, very accepting considering it’s a religious holiday and he just showed up with a non-Jewish stranger to a family dinner. Okay, but all weirdness aside, this dinner is actually pretty adorable. I like how they’re doing the relationship between Simon and Maia, it’s really cute and friendly so far.

Clary makes the portal rune to take herself and Jace to the Brocelind Forest cottage in Idris, something is definitely going to go wrong. That becomes even more obvious when both of them realize they don’t have stele’s or probably proper weapons to defend themselves should some scary enemy (*cough cough* JC show up). Classic reckless Clary and Jace. That scream was very un-Jace like XD it made me laugh because it sounded so pathetic and wrong. Ithuriel comes to “help” Clary but he wasn’t very useful in directing her towards Jace’s location, spoiler alert because he wasn’t talking about Jace. Then we’re told that Clary is hallucinating because she drank some of the water from Lake Lyn, that makes more sense I should have remembered that that’s a thing. But just because it happened in her head, does not mean that it wasn’t real (Harry Potter reference anyone?), he was talking about Clary’s brother Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern.

Robert Lightwood has returned to cause drama at the institute and with his children. Alec and Izzy won’t forgive their father for cheating on Maryse, and rightfully so, but Robert is also being cold towards Max (never actually present on screen in this episode) who knows hardly anything and is just a kid. But let’s give him some slack. Robert is becoming a bit more likable since he is confiding important information in Alec and trying to make sure that no one boots his eldest son out of his position as head of the institute. The important piece of information is that the Clave never got the Mortal Sword (aka Soul Sword but I refuse to call it that outright) back after Valentine attacked the institute, and they don’t know where it is although it’s pretty obvious that JC has it. Because he does.

We get more boring exposition that Valentine made JC the way he is, but had sent the child away when he got “out of control” even though it’s Valentine’s fault that he’s evil in the first place. ¬†Useful info, but I’m bored by all the stating of facts. Makes the scenes really slow and soap opera-y.

The end

Alright they’ve finally put the pieces together that JC never died in a fire as a baby, he’s still alive and full of demon blood. They just don’t know he’s disguised as Sebastian yet. Looks like they figure it out next week though!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Comment below!

Katie x