Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 19 Review!

I apologize if this post stops making sense sometimes because I am trying to keep my reactions as accurate to what I first thought as possible.

Episode 19: Hail and Farewell

Angry Jonathan Christopher is angry. Oh I actually liked that moment between angry JC and Valentine. I thought little bit of dialogue was cleverly written and actually kind of held some impact in the scene.

JC: Being discovered wasn’t part of my plan, but killing you was.
Val: Then it would seem you ave some issues with follow-through doesn’t it?

The gang figures out that the decoy body was the real Sebastian quickly, but they kill the demon possessing his dead body real quick too. Everything is so easy and we’re only 4 minutes in here.

The Seelie Queen has offered all Downworlders safety in the event of Val raising Raziel and killing all with Demon blood. And since Magnus agreed to her proposition, she speaks on behalf of all Downworlders now. She is refusing to help the Shadowhunters track down Valentine and JC. I still don’t know if I understand why she’s a child. It’s very hard to take a child authority-figure seriously… I’m always so confused when I watch this show though, she says we’re not helping the Shadowhunters but they’re doing what the shadowhunters wanted them to anyways. I had to watch this downworlder council meeting scene 3 times before I understood what happened. So basically, I was very confused by this scene and that’s not a good thing.

Are Izzy and Rafael going to rekindle their relationship now? Barf. These emotional goodbyes are so lame, and this music behind them. I can’t, it’s so cheesy.

I like Simon’s reality check that college is super expensive, and that he’s totally wasting his mom’s money. That hurts me to my core so I’m just glad it’s been acknowledged. College IS expensive, especially those ones on the East Coast (*cough cough* BU).

Simon’s little quips are decent sometimes too, I particularly liked this one:

Simon: There’s no job too big!
Clary: I need you to talk to the Seelie Queen…
Simon: That job’s too big.

Oh geez the little child warlock is back. Ah we finally meet Catarina Loss, not blue I guess that was too high budget so they just put her in blue scrubs instead. Those who know about magic see through glamour so everyone would be able to see her blue skin and magnus’ cat eyes. They can’t just hide and reveal their marks at will, but for the purposes of not causing Henry Shum Jr. extreme eye pain and not having to paint all visible skin on Catarina blue, they just wrote in a fix for that. Oh dear the wolf CGI is pretty much just as bad as the Twilight movies. Not great.

Finally, Sarah Hyland’s version of the Seelie Queen. As I could see when they originally released this scene at ComicCon, she has a really bad old English accent that makes her sound like she’s impersonating Alice in Wonderland. Anyways, uh oh Simon made Queenie mad.

We all know Luke is still working with Clary and the gang, so he is giving them a heads up on info about Valentine and JC’s whereabouts. So he’s also going against Queenie in his own way.

This silly trance Clary goes into when she is imagining a new rune is comical. The tilting frame on her face and flashing incomprehensible images. Pretty funny if you ask me. Also, UGH the chemistry between Clary and Jace is sooooo forced. These shirtless Jace scenes are cringe to the max. There’s the slo-mo blinking and fan blowing their hair around as they share a meaningful embrace and glow with a golden aura together. Excuse me while I go burn my television to a pile of ash. Just kidding that would be slightly more painful to watch than this scene.

All right, Valentine creating an army of the endarkened to protect JC is pretty bookish right? right? Right. Why on earth would they go to a cemetery at night. Stupid stupid shadowhunters. Of course it’s a trap. It’s a cemetery at night! There is no way something good is going to happen with that kind of setting. They’re really forcing the “what happened between you two” thing because Izzy asked Clary, of course we have to acknowledge it between Alec and Jace too. More cringing. These zombie noises for the endarkened are high quality (that’s called sarcasm)

HE MADE YOU SPAGHETTI TOO DIDN’T HE whyyyy is this referenced so often on the show it’s like a running joke now. Haven’t mentioned the spaghetti yet this episode, gotta squeeze it in somewhere. If you watch the YouTube channel PolandBananasBOOKS you know this is a running joke in her vlog reviews for this show too, I recommend watching if you like to see people ranting about this series.

They may think Sebastian is dead now, but he’s not, right? That would be way too easy if he really was dead, but then again I don’t put taking the easy way out past these writers. Because as we know they have to solve each problem set out at the beginning of the episode by the time the credit roll each week.

Issues to deal with next time:

Maia was drugged and taken to Seelie, but why?

Seelie Queen is meeting with Valentine. What did Valentine whisper in her ear to make her intrigued enough not to kill him right there on the spot.

They also keep teasing on social media that not everyone is going to make it out alive so who are they going to kill off next! Find out on Monday at 8/7pm central, only on Freeform and the app and hulu and you know, all the places.

I really hope my you were able to follow my sarcasm,

Katie x



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