Life Update: February 2018

So… February was interesting. Normally, my first post of the month would be about all the stories (books, movies, tv shows, etc.) but I actually didn’t finish a single book or show (re-watching Gilmore Girls doesn’t count), nor did I watch a single movie. I know! It’s sad. I’m fully aware. But I can vouch for the fact that I was very busy.

My month began fairly slow because the semester was still getting started, then it snowballed into having tons of reading for class and a few papers due throughout the month! There was just so much going on. I watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones for the first two weekends, but I didn’t finish season one yet so there’s nothing to chat about haha.

And forget about reading for fun! HA. I have only read up to 25% on my e-ARC The Atomic City Girls, and I haven’t touched my hardcover book since the 18th, so yeah. No fun reading for me last month.

The second to last week was dedicated to lots and lots of dance because the company I dance with at school hosted a show on the 24th. We rehearsed a ton leading up to it and I was in four pieces, so I was pretty exhausted by the end of it.

The next week was filled with writing two papers and a group presentation (one professor changed our paper deadline from Thursday to Friday at midnight so I was very grateful for that). THEN I got the freaking FLU on the last day of the month. The flu is no fun, and I still had a paper to write while sick but I spent a lot of that time letting Gilmore Girls play while I rested and then switched to re-watching a few episodes of The Office one night.

I’ve just recently finished re-watching all of Gilmore Girls and the Netflix revival since I watched them all for the first time in 2016. I actually might have some new thoughts on the revival so I’m thinking of doing a follow up post on that, but I need to read through what I initially thought to see how much has changed!

Thankfully, my college is on spring break now, so I have a week to get sleep, catch up on reading, and watch some more Game of Thrones.

That’s pretty much it on February for me! How was your month?

Katie x

Edit: I’m wrong! I finished Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh halfway through the month, but I only read part of it this month and then reviewed it right after so I forgot!! My review of that one is up here though 🙂


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