Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 16 Review!

Episode 16: Day of Atonement

Major plots:

Robert Lightwood is back to fix his son’s mistakes from last episode when Valentine escaped his transfer to Idris via a portal interception.

Clary and Jace want to find where Valentine went so obviously they’re going to do something stupid like, oh I don’t know, go to Idris by themselves pretty much unprotected.

Let’s dive in

Jonathan Christopher’s (I’m calling him JC from now on) true form is so gross, why couldn’t they just do what Cassie wrote and make him a human with black irises? That was his mark of demon blood, like Jace had the golden eyes, and how Clary has rune powers to manifest the angel blood? Do we really need the whole molten volcano rock body? These are the questions that haunt me. JC threatens to send Valentine to Edom? Maybe? I feel like he was just going to kill him, but the pentagram had to have a purpose so I can believe it would have sent him to hell.

Simon hanging out with his family seems like a recipe for disaster, but didn’t he tell his mom that he’s a vampire and she was surprisingly okay with it? Maybe I’m remembering this correctly but I think that happened in the first half of this season. He lets Maia go with him to dinner as his “girlfriend” so that she can keep and eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid. Simon’s strict Jewish grandmother seems to approve of Maia as a girlfriend, very accepting considering it’s a religious holiday and he just showed up with a non-Jewish stranger to a family dinner. Okay, but all weirdness aside, this dinner is actually pretty adorable. I like how they’re doing the relationship between Simon and Maia, it’s really cute and friendly so far.

Clary makes the portal rune to take herself and Jace to the Brocelind Forest cottage in Idris, something is definitely going to go wrong. That becomes even more obvious when both of them realize they don’t have stele’s or probably proper weapons to defend themselves should some scary enemy (*cough cough* JC show up). Classic reckless Clary and Jace. That scream was very un-Jace like XD it made me laugh because it sounded so pathetic and wrong. Ithuriel comes to “help” Clary but he wasn’t very useful in directing her towards Jace’s location, spoiler alert because he wasn’t talking about Jace. Then we’re told that Clary is hallucinating because she drank some of the water from Lake Lyn, that makes more sense I should have remembered that that’s a thing. But just because it happened in her head, does not mean that it wasn’t real (Harry Potter reference anyone?), he was talking about Clary’s brother Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern.

Robert Lightwood has returned to cause drama at the institute and with his children. Alec and Izzy won’t forgive their father for cheating on Maryse, and rightfully so, but Robert is also being cold towards Max (never actually present on screen in this episode) who knows hardly anything and is just a kid. But let’s give him some slack. Robert is becoming a bit more likable since he is confiding important information in Alec and trying to make sure that no one boots his eldest son out of his position as head of the institute. The important piece of information is that the Clave never got the Mortal Sword (aka Soul Sword but I refuse to call it that outright) back after Valentine attacked the institute, and they don’t know where it is although it’s pretty obvious that JC has it. Because he does.

We get more boring exposition that Valentine made JC the way he is, but had sent the child away when he got “out of control” even though it’s Valentine’s fault that he’s evil in the first place.  Useful info, but I’m bored by all the stating of facts. Makes the scenes really slow and soap opera-y.

The end

Alright they’ve finally put the pieces together that JC never died in a fire as a baby, he’s still alive and full of demon blood. They just don’t know he’s disguised as Sebastian yet. Looks like they figure it out next week though!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Comment below!

Katie x

2 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 16 Review!

  1. Yes, Simon did tell his mother her was a vampire, but she thought he was crazy… Raphael ended up doing an encanto thing to make her forget it ever happened. So things are back to the way they were. Kinda.

    I just watched the sneak peaks for ep 17… some interesting stuff, but also some poor acting on behalf of the Seelie Queen. Have you heard about the new actress who will be playing a more mature-looking version of her?


    1. Ahhh yes okay so she does mint know he’s a vampire all is well haha.
      And yes I’ve seen Sarah Hyland in various other roles I’m not surprised she got a part in Shadowhunters purely because she’s been in a relationship with Dom for like 3 years. But I hope she does a decent job with the Seelie Queen role!



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