Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 15 Review!

Episode 15: A Problem of Memory

Simon is ignoring Clary and drinking away his problems in a downworlder club den thing (bleeder den) where humans go to get vampire blood. I have a theory that this is going to bring Maureen back into the show. Like she’ll follow Simon into the bleeder den and then accidentally get turned. But maybe not, I’m just hopeful that they’ll bring back the Maureen story line. Simon and Clary show lots of emotion in their little reunion, but it feels a bit soap opera-y with all the over the shoulder shots and the close up and slow dialogue. Simon’s plot in this episode revolves around him accidentally killing a mundane at the bleeder den, but then he figures out that he didn’t do it since she had bite wounds on her feet, and Simon hates feet? It was pretty stupid not gonna lie. And Clary’s plot revolved around feeling sorry for herself because she knows the Seelie Queen was right about her feelings for Jace but she doesn’t want to lose Simon as a friend. She was basically a whining, crying mess the whole episode.

Sebastian ran an iron over his hand and was completely deadpan about it. Like whaaaaaaat. He’s still partially human/shadowhunter so you would think that extreme heat would still have a painful affect on him, but I guess not. It’s a little more understandable when we see his creepy true demon-y form at the end of the episode, but whatever. Aline Penhallow shows up, who is a cousin of Sebastian Verlac and was concerned that he just disappeared for months with no explanation. I feel like she could tell something was up with this version of her cousin, but she clearly hasn’t figured anything out yet. This episode reveals that the creature in Sebastian’s closet is actually the real Sebastian, who demon Sebastian (ugh can I call him Jonathan yet? The Sebastian thing is confusing me right now) is transforming his appearance into. So that solves my question of how no one noticed that Sebastian might look different. There was no real explanation for that in the book, but I figured they’d excuse it in the show with something like the stupid shape-shifting rune. Anyways, real Sebastian escapes the closet and tries to go find Aline, but fake Sebastian kills him before he gets the chance. Poor guy, he shouldn’t have been alive anyways but he’s dead now!

We get a lot more Magnus backstory in this episode too, most of which did not make sense until Magnus flat out says it all in the last few minutes. I feel like the story and the flashbacks would have been so much more interesting if they were narrative (although I should be thankful that they didn’t do some lame voice over crap on them) on their own. I had no idea from those brief clips that Magnus’ mother had killed herself, I thought she had been murdered. I had no clue that the white dud was his step father, I thought he was the murderer. So, we certainly needed the clear explanation, but I wish we hadn’t needed it in so many words It’s more fun to put the pieces together on my own. Side note: I haven’t read the Bane Chronicles yet, so if this backstory is in there that’s why I don’t know it, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a thing in the TMI books. However, it is nice to learn a bit more about Magnus for the purposes of the show because they’ve been building it up for a while now.

I feel like it was also completely unnecessary to have Valentine’s circle rune removed right before they sent him to be imprisoned in Alicante. It was just a weird side bit to give yet another opportunity to explain why Jace is the way he is and why he has angel blood. I’m good on the Jace stuff, can we slow down the info dumping now please? I’m glad the finally got smart enough to send Valentine to Idris, but OBVIOUSLY it was going to go wrong. Sebastian hired someone to kidnap Valentine from the portal and take him to the evil son. The only blessing from this is that we’re getting deeper and deeper into the evil Sebastian stuff and that’s really all I’m looking forward to right now. I’d say I’m also looking forward to seeing Jace and Clary fall in love, but their chemistry just doesn’t feel right for me right now. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

For next week…

I’m not even sure what to make of that preview honestly.

Let me know what you thought of “A Problem of Memory” and where Shadowhunters is going!

Katie x



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