Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 13 Review

Where We Left Off

So the preview last week told us that the basis of this episode would be about Shadowhunters being killed off by downworlders. The first is killed by a werewolf, then a warlock, and a faerie. It’s all going down and Inquisitor Herondale wants to create a way to track all downworlders so they can see who’s doing the murdering.

Episode 13: Those of Demon Blood

I still hate the intro sequence with Clary explaining who she trusts and crap. I wish it wasn’t there. I really do. But I’ll try to ignore that form now on since I can tell it’s not going anywhere.

Let’s start with the plot of this episode because that’s the only place where I saw this episode going in the right direction (even though it’s not book canon really). Inquisitor Herondale wants to crack down on downworlders real hard, which totally sucks, and everyone knows this. Jace learns more about his parents from Imogen Herondale and that’s a good thing. But then, Jace is turned into his grandmother’s little pet early in the episode because Imogen decides to make him head of the Institute when she leaves for Idris. Part of me is very confused because I’m not sure where Robert and Maryse Lightwood have gone? Can someone tell me in the comments? Because I’m very lost and I think I may have missed something.

As far as the downworlders go, Rafael is convinced that no vampires are involved because of a complicated history that they do not want to see repeated as a species. Unfortunately the first suspects are Luke and Magnus, who are quickly proven innocent through DNA tests. We also get Meliorn back in this episode as he teams up with Izzy and Rafael to try and take down the next murderer before anyone dies. AND Max is back! The actor who plays Max is adorable (though he looks very little like the rest of the Lightwood family) and I was happy to see him back. But then I got sad because I’m wondering if they’re bringing him back to start up the real Sebastian story line… uh oh… One of the attackers starts to go after those who are close to Jace, which we find out when she’s about to slice open Max. She’s holding a grudge against Jace for killing her brother, I think she was Fae? Not sure though. But of course they threw in the wrench with someone attacking Clary halfway through the episode. Simon rescues her from certain death and then he’s thrown in a jail cell because he wants to stay by her side. Well, Imogen won’t have that because the Institute is on high alert from the attacks and downworlders can’t be trusted etc. Jace doesn’t do anything to stop her, which some of the gang finds offensive, but what could he have done? 1) Imogen is his newfound grandmother and that’s intimidating and 2) Imogen is the Inquisitor, which is a pretty big deal, so she’s in charge. In fairness, Jace did try to vouch for Simon’s trustworthiness but Imogen wasn’t having any of it. It’s a little weird to me that they’re blaming Jace’s name for all the perks he’s getting. Yes, his grandmother/only living relative is the Inquisitor, but doesn’t his name get a good rep because of him?

Then there’s Magnus. He has a weird plot this episode because he gets really mad at Alec, who is trying to protect Magnus. The Institute needed DNA from their downworld allies to clear their friends’ names from investigation on the attacks. Of course they were all innocent, but Magnus get’s mad that Alec won’t trust his word. There’s no doubt that Alec trust’s Magnus, it’s Imogen who isn’t cutting slack, Alec didn’t have a choice and it annoyed me that Magnus didn’t get that. So then Dot shows up (again, why is she still around?) and starts drinking with Magnus. What could possibly go wrong in that situation? Dot makes a move on Magnus, that’s what happens. I guess their only reason in shoving Dot into this episode was to reinforce Malec. They wanted a scene where Magnus proves he loves Alec because he won’t kiss someone else. *sigh* Definitely unnecessary, but it’s there. It wasn’t a terrible scene, but it felt forced. (see below)

I feel the need to also criticize this show’s use of scream shots. It’s SOOOOO cheesy to have the camera swinging around and the scream leading into the commercial break like UGH. That shot in this episode of the Shadowhunter being attacked set this show back a few notches on the quality scale. Disappointing. Another cringe moment:

“Jace, I’m a Yin Fen addict” ~ Isabelle Lightwood

Man that would have so much more impact if it wasn’t just vampire venom. *facepalm* I can go on and on about how much I hate this Yin Fen plot, but I think I’ve probably done that enough in past posts. Just the overall writing of this episode made me cringe a lot. Not great. It felt so unnatural and forced, and that made me sad because I really thought we were heading in the right direction this season. Another annoying thing that’s probably just for me is that may DVR recording had wonky sound. It was weird the entire episode, so that made watching this episode pretty annoying.

Is all of this downworlder attack stuff Sebastian’s doing? We haven’t seen him at all in this episode.

In the end, Jace decides to put Alec in charge of the Institute. He’s probably not allowed to do that, but he claims he can because he’s a Herondale. Whatever. I really liked the song Simon was singing at the end, it sounded cool and rounded out the episode really well I think. Jace is still denying that he’s in love with Clary and we leave him making out with Maya after he takes out her tracking chip.

Preview for Next Week

Jace, Clary and Simon are going to Faerie and it looks like we’re getting our Seelie Queen scene where she forces Clary to kiss who she truly loves!!!!! Yay!

What did you think of “Those of Demon Blood”?

Katie x


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