Shadowhunters Season 2B: Episode 12 Review

Where we left off:

Azazel is on the loose looking for the mortal cup and he cast a spell on Valentine and Magnus (he claim’s it is a good thing for Valentine) which causes the warlock and the villain to swap bodies. Now the real Valentine is running free while Magnus is stuck in prison and trapped in Valentine’s body. Oh dear.

Episode 12: You Are Not Your Own

There’s a new intro bit where Clary is explaining her story and where it’s going so far. I can’t remember if this was at the beginning of last week’s episode too, but I don’t like it either way. That type of recap/intro is lame and reminds me of when Doctor Who did it for like a whole season when Amy was the 11th Doctor’s companion (I’m probably rambling but fellow Whovians will know what I’m talking about). Basically, if they keep doing that to start off every episode, it’s going to get really annoying. Just in general, the organization of the first couple of minutes confused me. There’s Clary’s recap intro bit, then “previously on Shadowhunters,” then a little first scene w/ Magnus (Valentine) and Azazel, then finally the theme song? And then we’re just in bed with Simon and Clary who most definitely have done the nasty before hand. Like what? What is happening here I’m lost. It was two manic minutes and then things got into the right groove. Just an awkward start for me.

I’m curious as to where Sebastian and Izzy are staying in these past couple of episodes. Is it Sebastian’s magical moving house from the later books? I feel like they haven’t clarified why he didn’t just go straight to the institute since that would be the usual course of action for a shadowhunter from afar. I like that they are keeping with canon and calling him Sebastian Verlac for now, and I also really like Will Tudor. I said this a little bit last week, but I think he’s a great fit for the role. He’s great at being menacing and mysterious so I’m really convinced by his character. Sebastian’s cold-hearted betrayal always made me angry, and his scenes in this episode where he was taking care of Izzy and helping Clary find her strength to create new runes again just has my brain screaming DRAMATIC IRONY ALERT. Oh goodness, especially when he first meets Clary and mentions that she’s the famed daughter of Valentine.

Clary: Don’t hold it against me.

Sebastian “Verlac”: Well, we don’t choose out parents

I mean, could a line be filled with any more dramatic irony. I know it’s not clear to people who have only watched the show and not read the books, but I feel these things are safe to say because my readers are mainly the read-the-book-before-seeing-the-adaptation type of people. Alec seems to be the only one that’s a bit suspicious of Sebastian just showing up out of nowhere from London, so we’ll see how that pans out.

The main issue in this episode is that Magnus and Valentine have been body-swapped by Azazel and Valentine has been tasked to find the Mortal cup for the Greater Demon while not-Valentine (aka Magnus in Valentine’s body) is being tortured for information by Inquisitor Herondale. Magnus obviously has no clue where the cup is, but he’s not getting through to the shadowhunters with his pleas that he is in fact Magnus Bane in Valentine’s body. Tedious. I know. Alec ends up killing Azazel somehow with just an arrow, I thought Greater Demons were supposed to be harder to kill (like in the book they killed one with the sunlight) but that doesn’t really matter. When Azazel poofs away into death land, Valentine is worried that he’ll be stuck in Magnus’ body forever now, I mean I kind of thought that too. But there’s a spell or whatever that they end up doing later on that puts them back in the right bodies.

Meanwhile back at the institute, Inquisitor Herondale is “testing” Jace and Clary to learn more about their angel-blood powers. Apparently, this means making them spar and having Clary draw runes while they’re being watched. We’re still getting music heavy fight scenes that don’t really flow well (with the music I mean). I think the music is meant to make it feel more intense and exciting, but all it does for me is make the scenes feel cheesy and like they’re trying to hard to incorporate pop music into the show. This show needs a score, not pop music (imo).

Side note of the week: Why is Dot still around? I’m confused she wasn’t that important in the books and then she just died. Am I wrong? They’re involving a lot of warlocks into the show, but there were never this many around in the books. I feel like it’s making things too plot convenience-y and we all know (maybe you don’t, I don’t know your life) I HATE plot convenience. If you’re going to make things really easy, it’s not worth including at all.

Speaking of plot convenience, the one full scene we get of Sizzy (not yet Sizzy in the show, but soon my pets, soon) they’re talking and eating at the Jade Wolf when Rafael and a bunch of vampires portal in to attack Simon. Yes, you read that right. The. Vampires. Used. A. Portal. By themselves. Since when do vampires get to handle portals on their own? If there was a warlock among the group that was not made clear. On a more positive note, I LOVE Isabelle’s styling always, but that red leather jacket, loose white tee, and black leather pants with heels this episode? Yesssss, she is rocking it (For the record, I still think it’s very impractical for shadowhunters to wear heels ever. A battle could break out at any moment, but screw that it’s cute right?). Also it’s pretty bad that Rafael knows Simon is a Daylighter now because what vampire doesn’t wish they could be immune to the sun? Simon is in trouble now. Another convenient portal happened just after Magnus and Valentine got put back in their rightful bodies and Clary just slams into Valentine and portals back to the holding cell at the institute. My questions: Who made that portal? Was it just waiting there? Did Magnus do it real quick after he got jolted back into his warlock body? Did Clary have time to scrawl a little portal rune? Does she even know she can scrawl a little portal rune yet? Ugh.

I thought the scene between Alec and not-Valentine (I realize this is confusing as heck in writing so I apologize) in the holding cell was great! I really felt the emotions and how torn Alec was, and I think it was an impressive performance from a guy who usually plays the villain.

Valentine reveals to the Inquisitor that Jace is actually her grandson. I  feel like this is happening really early, but then again Sebastian showed up kinda early too. I suppose I need to throw plot accuracy out the window and just focus on the fact most of the character cannon is still intact (minus a few people who either died or stayed alive when they shouldn’t have). It’s probably  better that the character stuff gets sped up a bit considering the plot is everywhere at once right now cannon-wise. Either way, I’m pretty sure the Inquisitor had died before Jace found out he was a Herondale in the books. I almost certain he didn’t have any living relatives when he found out (that he knew of hee hee)

Preview for next week:

A shadow hunter is going to be killed by a werewolf  which causes the Clave to want trackers on all downworlders… wait this kind of sounds like what the Cohort wants in Lord of Shadows. Hmmmm.

What do you think of Season 2B so far?

Katie x



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