Stories of the Month

This is something new I want to do because I have never really been a “wrap up” type of person. Usually, I don’t have tons of time to read unless I’m on a break from school so I don’t have tons of books finished at the end of each month. However, I watch a lot of tv and movies as well as reading, so I think lumping them into one quick monthly post will work better for me! Read on to see what stories I consumed in the month of May!

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

I finished this novel last week, so a review is pending, and I really enjoyed it! This was a fun story about family relationships and the stages of love as a teenager and as a middle-aged adult. I thought it was pretty sweet, even if the ending was a bit too over-the-top happy.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

I rarely go to the movies anymore, but I really wanted to see this one! I know Pirates is a bit overdone now with five films now and another one in the works already when the original plan was to stop after 3 films. I really liked it. Critics gave it a pretty harsh beating, aka the score on Rotten Tomatoes is 32%, but it’s really a film for the fans of the franchise. I am one of those people who love these films! My full review will be up soon!

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti

I recently put up my review of this novel. It wasn’t my favorite story of the month, but I did have a few positive points to talk about in the review. Check it out here!

Chocolat (2000)

At the beginning of the month, Netflix informed me that this movie was added and that I would probably like it. Before then, I had never put much effort into looking for it, but my mom has told me that she likes Chocolat in the past. I was definitely intrigued (it’s purely a coincidence that I have watched two films starring Johnny Depp this month), and I thought the movie was sweet (pun intended). It’s a film about a nomadic mother and daughter who move around and set up chocolate shops and sell their family recipes. The come to a small village in France and start setting up shop, the catch is that they are setting up a chocolate shop during Lent, when the Catholic church members abstain from indulging in sweets. It’s much deeper than that of course, their nomadic past is ancestral, but that’s the gist of it. Johnny Depp plays… a pirate? sort of. He’s also nomadic and his tribe of whatever-they-are settles in the same French village as our main characters. The mother falls in love with Depp’s character, but eventually they have to leave and move on to the next place. I loved this film and am glad Netflix notified me that I could stream it!

Supernatural Season 12

What can I say about Supernatural. I have been watching this show for years and I jut keep watching even though it’s not getting any better. I’ve been binging the second half of this season off my DVR since getting back from Boston last week. After 12 seasons, the plot lines are running thin and Sam and Dean are getting up there in age, not to be rude. At this point, their so ingrained in these characters that their fans couldn’t see them in another role without comparing them to Sam and Dean. This season, the British Men of Letters are taking over the American hunters, to the point of eliminating them, and the boys’ mother, Mary Winchester (who died season 1 but came back last season) is working with the British without realizing that they are plotting against her sons. Most of the details are rocky to me because I usually only half-watch the episodes, but you’ll know what I mean if you watch the show too.

The Matchbreaker (2016)

I have wanted to watch this film since it was released last year because on of my all time favorite YouTubers is in it—Olan Rogers—like seriously, if you haven’t heard of him before go and check out his channel. He’s absolutely hilarious, I have been watching him for about 6 or 7 years now and he’s pretty much the most talented and funny guys on the internet. Anyways, this movie is full of YouTubers that you might also recognize: Tessa Violet, Shawna Howson, Osric Chau (Supernatural, personal channel, and a few Hillywood parodies), and the late Christina Grimmie. I love projects like these because they really show how the internet community can come together and make something happen, bring someone’s creative vision to life. I’ve linked all of their channels because, though I don’t follow most of them, it’s worth giving them a little shout out. This film was light and fun. The plot was super cute and funny, following a young guy, played by Wesley Elder, who figures out that he has a talent for breaking up couples. He starts getting paid by parents who don’t approve of their children’s romantic partners and makes a business of being “The Matchbreaker.” Definitely check this film out if you’re looking for a fun, quick movie to watch and/or if you like any of the YouTubers I listed who star in the film. I used it as a study break during finals in May and it was a good pick-me-up. It’s available on Netflix.

Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2016

Call the Midwife is always a feel-good show. I watched this Christmas special as soon as I saw that it was on Netflix because for some reason it never records right on my DVR at home and my mom and I always miss it! The new season of Call the Midwife is currently airing in the US, but I held off on watching because I didn’t want to miss out on anything that happened during this Christmas installment. It was really great though, and I was reminded of this when I re-watched it with my mom this week. Like I said, it’s just a super sweet show that leaves you feeling both emotional and happy at the end because the morals are always uplifting and the characters are strong and inspiring women.

Comment below telling me what your favorite story was this month!

Katie x



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