On the End of Sophomore Year

Cool things that happened this school year:

  • Joined a dance group on campus
  • Saw Michael Che do live stand-up for free through BU
  • Went to Rhode Island Comic Con for my 20th birthday
  • Made some really great friends
  • Explored more of Boston

That’s a wrap on sophomore year at BU for me! I can’t believe I am now a junior in college. It feels like just yesterday I was working two jobs and saving money for London over my gap semester. It’s crazy how fast time flies even though it can feel like the months drag on while I’m away at school. As I write this, I am not currently back at home just yet (I wish), but I am back at my sister’s apartment because 1) she’s storing all my stuff over the summer and 2) she’s graduating from college this Saturday!

Aside from living in the nation’s smallest state for another week, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on my first two years of college and where I hope to be in two years when I graduate. I’m one of those people who genuinely went into college without a clue of what I want to do afterwards, and that’s okay. I had applied to different schools for different programs thinking I’d find my way at some point and settle on a major. When I was accepted to BU, I had applied for film but was put into their general studies program instead. Obviously I have no complaints about this, regardless of how much people make fun of us CGS students for being less competent than others. I didn’t know what I wanted and I loved that the program I was placed in included a semester in London during my freshman year.

Traveling to London for my second semester of college is one of the best things I have ever had the privilege to do. This was the first time I left the United States. Ever. I had to get my first passport, do my own grocery shopping, cook for myself, basically do everything on my own because mom can’t come to college with me! I welcomed this. I am a pretty independent person anyways, but in London I had to think about what I wanted to eat throughout the week and buy everything I needed. I had to live in a flat with a shared kitchen between 12 people. But on top of this, I got to experience a new culture, live out my anglophile dreams of seeing Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, a Doctor Who-esque Police Box, eat Nando’s and so much more in person instead of through a screen. Thinking back, it all still seems like a dream. As if for six weeks I floated through life just trying to absorb everything I could.

Sophomore year was a lot less surreal, but still loads of fun and cool experiences. I joined a dance group on campus which really helped me to make friends that I have commonalities with and I got more involved in campus life. I also decided during the second semester this year that I want to pursue a dance minor. My hope is that I will be able to complete all of the necessary credits as quickly as possible, even if that means overloading a couple of credits for the rest of my time at BU. Dance helps me stay sane and I am so grateful that I have it back in my life.

Then there was Capstone. The dreaded Capstone project is something every CGS student at BU has to go through at the end of sophomore year. After this, we are done with all the required liberal arts credits and can focus on major and minor requirements. I was on a team that was “experimental” which really just means we didn’t have to write a cohesive argumentative 50 page paper on some worldly issue. Instead, we could come up with any topic and find a creative way to express what we wanted to about it. My team chose to research anxiety on campus and how students handle anxiety. We made a short film and put a lot of effort into this creative element. With a group of 7 people working on a single project that hold a big weight on everyone’s final grades, there was bound to be some tension and there was. In the end, I have some great friends (one of which is to be my roommate next year) and I really think it went well if I ignore all the stress involved XD.

So now, here I sit. Free to go home for the summer and back to my lovely job at the bookstore. I always used to say I hated Vegas and couldn’t wait to leave, but I do miss being home with my family when I’m back east. It’s hard to be away from my dog for so long too, but I get to see them all soon! Also, I can get back into the swing of reading the books from my bookshelf instead of an endless sea of e-ARCs, I am very much looking forward to reading everything I bought last summer/winter and haven’t read yet.

I hope you have all had a lovely year, good luck to any students who aren’t done with exams yet and happy summer break!!

Katie x



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