April 2017 Favorites!

I have done one favorites post in the past, but I feel like I should really get into doing them more frequently! Thinking about what to include in this post has helped me remember some positive things about the past month, so I am having fun choosing my favorites. There are only a select few items I will highlight this month, but they were very enjoyable for me 🙂


Tanya Burr Lunch Date Lip gloss

This one is a bit late in coming. I bought this lip gloss last summer while I was studying abroad in London, but I’ve just broken it back out as spring has sprung! The color of this gloss is perfect to finish off a spring or summer makeup look and I am looking forward to using it for the next few months.


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate covered pretzels

I have always been a fan of chocolate covered pretzels, but combine it with Trader Joe’s dark chocolate… um yum. I have been snacking on these for the last couple of weeks, they’re the perfect cobo of sweet, bitter, and salty. I know dark chocolate is an aquired taste for most, so you may not all enjoy it, but Trader Joe’s also do these in white and milk chocolate for all your chocolate needs.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

There are a few movies on Netflix that I just don’t know why I have never watched them before. This was one of them. My mom has always told me one of her favorite RomComs is Bridget Jones’s Diary, and I knew I wanted to watch it. So a couple weeks back I was trying to decide what to watch after having finished season 4 of Orphan Black on Amazon. As I scrolled through my Netflix list, I decided that I would watch the first RomCom I stumbled upon and what do you know? It was Bridget Jones! I am so glad I watched it, this is such a cute, feel good movie that made my Friday night 🙂 The only downside is that non of the sequel films are on Netflix or Amazon Prime so I can’t watch the rest of them yet.


Another suggestion of my mother’s. She told me that I couldn’t go to college in Boston without watching Cheers, but I did go a whole year without even attempting to start. I go through sitcoms very quickly (as I think we all do) so when I recently finished bingeing The Office for the second time, I figured it was finally time to get into Cheers. This show stands the test of time for me. There were 11 seasons, and I am only on season 2 so far, but it’s funny and sweet and entertaining. I definitely give it 5 stars so far and have made it an item on my bucket list to eat/get a beer (after I turn 21) at Cheers before I graduate from college.


The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen A. Flynn

I’ve posted a review here



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