Shadowhunters Season 2 Episodes 6-10

Alrighty friends! We have reached the winter finale of Shadowhunters season 2 and things are definitely looking up for this series. I’m pretty impressed with the way things are going and how this mid-season finale left us. They’ve kind of breezed right through City of Ashes and changed a lot along the way, kind of adding in elements from the rest of the series and some minor bits from The Infernal Devices that I would rather not have included in the show yet, but I’m not in charge so I can’t make those calls! This post is going to have spoilers about the first half of Shadowhunters season 2, so don’t read any further if you aren’t fully caught up! Some of this may overlap with my thought about the first 5 episodes, but I’m aiming for a more overall thoughts kind of thing here. I am not going to be going through each episode individually, instead I will be touching on each of the major plot points that have been happening this season and my thoughts about them!

Clary’s mom is dead

Clary’s mom is already dead by episode 5 right? I ask this because I don’t remember her being a big deal in these last few episodes, and because it’s a major thing that the screenwriters decided to change about the canon material they have to work with. In the books, Clary’s mom doesn’t die. It just doesn’t happen. So I was definitely shocked when they killed her off and I kind of thought that they were actually going to go through with bringing her back from the dead. In the end, I am glad they didn’t pull out some crazy dark magic spell out and bring Jocelyn back because that would screw up the whole don’t bring back the dead taboo with magic and also the plot of Lady Midnight (sorry if you think that’s a spoiler but it’s kind of not) if they ever try to involve those books in this show.

Yin Fen

I have to say, the Yin Fen subplot was really annoying and unnecessary in my opinion. First off: If you are a fan of The Infernal Devices, like I am, you know what Yin Fen is and the importance it has in that series/the entire Shadowhunter world. I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t read TID yet, but I strongly suggest you do read that series as it is (in my opinion) the best series of Cassie’s. But in general, the involvement of Yin Fen in this story, and the fact that they changed what the drug is made of really irked me. It’s supposed to be a really rare substance because it comes from the blood of a greater demon, but changing the source to be vampire venom made it too accessible and convenient. I didn’t like the relationship it caused between Izzy and Rafael either. I like the two characters a lot this season, but I thought their little “romantic” subplot was just not important enough to have made the final cut.

Maya is super stubborn

I like the actress they cast to play Maya, but I’m not sure I like the way her character is being written so far. I think in the books she was kind of standoff-ish, but I don’t remember her being stubborn and reckless all the time. I feel like she’s a pretty chill character in the books, but TV Maya is different. Perhaps this change isn’t bad, I’ll just have to see more of her as the show continues before I can decide.

Young warlock

The addition of Madsy baffled me because the childhood of warlocks was always a bit vague in the books. I have to admit, when I first started reading Cassie’s books, I didn’t even give a second thought to the childhood of a warlock. I do vaguely remember (and this could be totally wrong) that warlock children don’t develop their magic until around puberty, which I think I’m getting from TID also because of how old Tessa was at the start of those books. But again, I could be remembering this incorrectly. Madsy is a small child, maybe five or six years old, and she can do advanced magic. The girl made a freaking portal strong enough to take Clary to Valentine’s creepy carnival hideout in episode 9! Her character really confused me but I’m assuming we’re not done seeing her yet so we’ll see where they take Madsy next.

Valentine and the Soul Sword

So 1) the Mortal Sword is now called the Soul Sword. I don’t know why they changed the name because their still calling the cup the Mortal Cup and not the Soul Cup because that sounds ridiculous. I digress. 2) The sword is activated by someone with pure angel blood touching it. I did like the incorporation of Jace being the one to activate the sword because it gave them reason to reveal that Jace is not Clary’s brother and does not have demon blood in him.

Daylighter without the mark of Cain

I know in the book the reason Simon became a day-lighter was because Clary placed the mark of Cain on his forehead with her special rune abilities. I can see why they didn’t put this in though because they aren’t really following through with the rune abilities right now. I think they have so many subplots going on that the whole angel blood thing has made Clary complicated already and they can’t figure out how to balance it all while still making sense to the viewers who don’t know the books.

Those are my main thoughts, I look forward to the second half of this season to see where the show moves next now that they’ve pretty much covered City of Ashes plot-wise. Comment below with your thoughts on season 2 so far!

Katie x



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