The Vampire Diaries Final Season Episodes 14-Finale

Phew! It’s been a whirlwind of a season with all kinds of family reunions and fan favorite character appearances, but it’s over now and we can discuss the end of this long-running show.

I have lots of thoughts on the finale so that may dominate this post since it’s all that really matters now, but obviously don’t read the rest of this post if you have not finished watching this final season of TVD because I’ll be spoiling lots of things! Although you probably should have seen it by now seeing as the episode aired a week ago… Onto the spoilers!

Okay, first off, I didn’t hate that Kai came back for a bit but that doesn’t mean I hate his character any less. I think he was my least favorite villain of this entire series. Kai was, in my opinion, the meanest one of all I mean come on he killed his own sister and ruined Ric’s happiness as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. I absolutely loved his conclusion as well with Bonnie putting him back into is own personal hell prison world with an annoying song on repeat and no magical exception to allow him to escape. I thought that was some nice ironic justice for the meanest character in the history of this show.

The wedding was nice, I think it lacked some emotional buildup, but it wasn’t a bad wedding. Caroline looked pretty I believed that she and Stefan were madly in love and couldn’t wait to be married. It was just cute overall. I also knew that something bad would happen at the end because you can’t have a happy moment in this show without something ruining it. But then when I saw it was Bonnie and the girls that were in trouble I knew that they would make it out alive. There was no way they were going to kill those three off right then and there. No way. So I wasn’t scared for their well-being.

Then there was all that drama with Matt’s family. I don’t know what possessed them to bring back Matt’s mother because I had completely forgotten that she existed. Matt was basically an orphan in my head so when I realized it was his mother that had come back to do Katherine’s bidding I assumed she had been dead the last time we saw her in season one, but no apparently she just left and died at some unknown time and now she wanted her revenge on the people of Mystic Falls who never bothered to step in and help her or whatever. They also brought Vicki back, that makes a little more sense because she was a larger part of season one and died after becoming a vampire so I get why they thought she was worth bringing back.

I was a bit bummed that the first we would be seeing of Nina Dobrev in the finale was her as Katherine and not Elena. I don’t know about you, but I am completely over the whole Katherine story line. I think it was way over done, she came back far too often before Nina left the show altogether. I do understand that she was a huge part of this show though, so i’m fine with her coming back I am just a bit bored of her overall.

The fact that Stefan sacrificed himself annoyed me a lot. Why kill him off? Did Paul Wesley want to be killed off at the end? It’s not like any of this means they can’t come back in 10 years for a reunion special because look how they killed off Enzo and still kept him in every episode after that! I feel like he cold have just stabbed Katherine as the hell fire was coming and then shoved her out into it while he stayed in the little alcove with Damon.

I do really like that he gave Damon the cure. I loved that because now he and Elena can live their fully human lives together and not worry about one losing the other. And also that it wasn’t Damon’s choice because he’s had the option before and refused to take it because he didn’t want to turn back into a human.

Some of the conclusion was nice, I’m glad Bonnie is seizing life and travelling around the world, I like that Caroline and Ric are starting their school for magical children or whatever. That was all fine and good. I also liked the clever little allusions to the pilot episode when Elena is writing in her diary in the cemetery and a crow flies by and scares her. The only thing that really got me emotional was Stefan’s message to Caroline after he died that he got her phone message and said he would love her forever too.

What I hated was the very very ending. What the heck was that?? Damon and Elena are just walking casually down the road with this narration that they’re going to live a long happy life together and then Damon just dissolves and Elena is reunited with all her family members that died in like season one. And Damon goes to the Salvatore house to be with Stefan. I was so confused though! Did they get to live their long happy lives and die? If so, why don’t they look any older? I suppose a person might get to choose what they look like when they are in the afterlife, but why not make it more obvious that they grew old together by doing some fancy makeup and throwing on a grey haired wig? It bugged me that they looked exactly the same as they did while walking down the street. The timeline made zero sense to me. And overall I was not really emotional about these reunions, maybe because I couldn’t see that Elena and Damon had lived for decades without their loved ones.

This is getting a bit lengthy so I’ll stop here. Let me know what you thought of the finale below or if you loved or hated something I didn’t mention!

Katie x



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