The Vampire Diaries Final Season Episodes 11-13

I’ve fallen a bit behind on watching and blogging about TVD these last few weeks, but I’ll try to make sense of the notes I’ve jotted down on my phone for these episodes. I know episode 14 aired last week, but I’m not going to include it in this post (partially because at the time of writing this, I still haven’t watched it) and this will still be focusing on the events in episodes 11-13.

**Insert obligatory spoiler alert here**

First of all, I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY KILLED OFF ENZO, and of course at this point we’ve seen Bonnie communicating with him through her newfound psychic powers, but it was just cruel of them to do that. And for it to be Stefan that killed him!! Also Stefan is now human again, so his humanity switch is automatically turned on, he can’t become a vampire again either or be healed by vampire blood because of the cure (that’s how that works I think) and he almost dies too. I’m just getting this feeling that they’re emphasizing the mortality of these characters because the show is ending and they are trying to be done with it all. No loose ends to call for a reunion or a possible come back. Still, I’m bummed that Enzo had to die.

The deal with Cade is supposedly off once Stefan becomes human because he physically can’t fulfill his duties anymore but that isn’t stopping Cade from getting on Damon’s back and keeping him on the hook.

Also can we talk about how KAI IS FREAKING BACK. Ugh I hated him so frickin much when he was the antagonist way back when and killed Jo during her wedding to Ric. I will never forgive him for ruining Ric’s happiness that day because it seems like that poor guy always gets the short end of the stick (first Jessica dies, then Jo, then Georgie this season, and Damon is always screwing up! Will it ever end for the dude?) Now Kai wants to help them bring back Elena in exchange for bringing him back to life permanently, because it appears he can’t stay away from hell too long without the risk spontaneous combustion. Seems sketchy.

They also brought back Bonnie’s mom, which is another character like Matt’s dad that I kind of just thought was gone for good because she’s never really been around much. But maybe she’ll be important at the conclusion of the show, she does stop Bonnie from doing something stupid when she wants to raise Enzo from the dead because any rational person knows that bringing someone back to life is a bad idea. They’ve already tried that on this show last season with the resurrection stone and all that jazz but it ended badly and rightfully so. Don’t mess with the dead.

I also can’t find any notes that I would have taken while watching the 13th episode a few weeks ago so… I can’t really remember specific things about it. Maybe watching episode 14 will help me remember! That’s all I have for today, I’ll catch you in a couple of weeks after we see the series finale of The Vampire Diaries!!

What are your thoughts on this season of TVD?? Comment below!

Katie x



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