Shadowhunters Season 2: Episodes 1-5 Review

Just like last season, I am going to attempt to keep up with review posts for Shadowhunters! Since there is going to be a full 20 episode season this year, I will most likely only post every 5 episodes or so because it’s a bit too much to try and keep up with bi-weekly posts. I really have high hopes for this season so I do also hope that these posts will be filled with positivity and how much I loved each episode. Let’s be real, there’s still gonna be stuff I don’t like, but either way I’m thinking positively about this season 🙂

There will be show/book spoilers in all of these posts so I recommend you do not read any further if you aren’t caught up on the show!

The first couple of episodes are a bit of an improvement from the first season. I heard that the show runners were not changing until episode 4 so I’m interested to see what they do differently and if they change anything big. I liked the slight changes that were made to the look of portals and the more refined action scenes, but I still see some improvement to be had in the script writing as a whole. Some of Simon’s lines in these episodes actually had me laughing out loud, so I am super glad they’re giving him lines that are more representative of the Simon I know from the books.

Jace on the other hand, is still lacking some personality for me. He seems so serious all the time, which is a bit frustrating because I feel like he needs to be frustrating in an inappropriately-sarcastic-all-the-time kind of way. I need more of book Jace’s lines to be in the script and I know they know about book Jace because he has had some nice quippy lines in the past but not nearly enough.

There are still some very cheesy moments that the show could do without, like the scenes so far where fights are started without much reason it just kind of happens with a “so you wanna fight let’s go! Let’s fight!” So I think that the lead up to confrontation could use some work.

Another character that I have found slightly amusing this season so far it Raj. He’s a new random guy that’s been added into the show for the purposes of making some other important Shadowhunters with useless side stories. But poor Raj is like a human (Or Nephilim) punching bag for the Lightwoods and Aldertree. Oh, Aldertree is also new right? I’m not a huge fan of him. Back to Raj. the poor guy got knocked out, shape-shift runed, and disguised as Alec in a bed. Then in episode 4, he and Lydia clearly don’t get along, she’s being rude to him, and then he get FREAKING POSSESSED by a demon! But what bugs me about this is— well a lot of things actually. 1) Cassie’s demons don’t “possess” human hosts, they have their own bodies, please correct me if I’m wrong but i’m pretty sure Shadowhunters were well protected against possession and 2) the animation used in this show was almost identical to the way Supernatural does possession. The black-cloud-of-smoke-soul and fully black eyes, while effective in showing possession, just seemed like copying to me.

In the fifth episode it’s not at all shocking that Clary is attempting to bring her mom back but they’re introducing even more new characters,  (i.e. Iris Rouse the new warlock, and the surrogate mother who met Clary and Alec at the door) and it seems that maybe they will still involve a creepy baby plot like there was in the books. I think Maureen (who is still no where to be found) was a big part of that in the books, but we shall see what the show writers do with this plot. I was very shocked that the writers decided to include YinFen in this episode because that’s not really introduced any where except for the Infernal Devices series with Jem. I like that Rebecca and Simon’s mom are back in the mix although Simon’s mom reacted quite calmly to the news that her son is a vampire. I suppose the supportive reaction made enough sense for this tv version of her. She seems a lot less crazy, overprotective, and devoutly religious in the show than her character was in the books. I’m okay with this dynamic so far, but when Simon’s mom walked in on him eating a rat, that might have changed her mind, but we didn’t get any follow up on that in this episode.

How are you liking the new season of Shadowhunters? Do you like where the show is heading right now? Let me know in the comments!

Katie x



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