(Late) Top 5 Wednesday: Current Favorites That Aren’t Books!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme started by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. If you would like to join the group on Goodreads and post your own top 5’s click here! These posts are something I started doing here a few months ago and I really enjoyed doing it on the weeks I could think of stuff to write about so I plan to continue these in the same fashion this year too 🙂

I forgot to log into Goodreads this weekend and prepare for the coming month of T5W posts, but I still wanted to do this topic, even though it is a day late! I have a lot of favorite things right now so here they are!!

Gevalia Cappuccino K-cup Pods

I love making myself a nice little treat to settle down on Friday and Saturday nights when I watch whatever drama show I’m currently binge watching on Netflix. These little cappuccino pods are so tasty and when I make them in my Pixar cappuccino mug its jut that much better!

My Mickey Mouse toaster

This was a Christmas gift from my mom that is 1) adorable and 2) VERY useful. This thing has changed my life I kid you not. I can make bagels and buy frozen french toast and stuff like that which i never could have made in my room with just my microwave. It’s so nice!

Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer

This was something I found recently while browsing around on Sephora.com… as one does. I saw someone had commented in a review of the foundation I use (Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation), and they said that this Laura Mercier primer was  good thing to use with that foundation for people with dry skin. I figured if someone raved that much about it, I should give it a try to see if it would help me out a bit with my dry foundation issues. I have used it a bit now and I can genuinely say that it’s amazing. Not only do I feel like my skin is more hydrated, I have notice that my foundation is staying on so much better over all. I should say that before now, I had been using NYX illuminating primer. That one is alright but it’s definitely worth the price to upgrade to a higher quality primer that will last longer if you really care about that kind of thing like I do 🙂

My Disneyland 60 Coffee Mug

This is probably really weird, but I love this mg so much!! I got it when I went to Disneyland last summer with my sister and I have been using it a lot this semester for coffee (when we buy coffee on campus they give a discount for bringing a reusable mug to use), and it makes me so happy when I use it. That’s all I have to say about this one.

Rules of Engagement

Okay, so it’s kind of just a thing now that I have to have a sitcom to binge at all times. So when I finish one, I move on to the next show that I have yet to see and they all have a million seasons so it’s easy to just let it run and keep the laughs going. I had seen episodes of Rule of Engagement here and there because my mom used to watch it when it was still running on TV, so I remember some of the episodes and they’re all hilarious. Sure it has your stereotypical character tropes for most of the sitcoms of our time: happily married couple, dating/engaged couple that’s struggling through the early stages of that stuff, and that one guy that’s just a total player. I noticed this mainly because I started this one right on top of How I Met Your Mother which had very similar character roles. That doesn’t matter too much because the show is just great and I’m really enjoying watching it!

I hope you liked hearing (reading) about my favorite things. Let me know what things you’re really loving right now in the comments!

Katie x



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