The Vampire Diaries Final Season Episodes 8-10

TVD is back for it’s home stretch with the second half of the final season! I am a bit slow at posting about them right now as school is quite busy, but the only other thing I have to say is continue on if you are caught up and don’t if you don’t want to be spoiled on what happens in episods 8-10 🙂

Mid-season Premiere: We Have History Together

Alright, this is a week or so late, but TVD has come back from its midseason break now and here are my thoughts on the lasts episodes!

The first episode back starts with them still writing in a journal for Elena. At this point, I am so over this story-line, but I know that Nina Dobrev is officially coming back (see her Instagram post here). So I understand that they are keeping up with it because she is going to come back and be able to read the journals now. It appears that she really will only be in the finale, so I am kind of looking forward to it! I just hope this series finale doesn’t end up being a disappointment!

So we left off after Christmas watching Damon and Stefan drive off to do their work for Cade and we saw Stefan flip his humanity switch off… again. It seems like their job is less killing bad humans and more making generally good humans turn bad so they will do something worthy of being sent to hell. I am guessing they aren’t actually going to be working for Cade for a whole year, something is going to happen with Cade and they’ll kill him or something but we shall see in the episodes to come.

Matt’s dad is introduced in episode 8, which was a bit shocking because I don’t recall any prior mention that Matt’s father was even out there in the world. I think I just assumed he was dead all these years because he was never there and the rest of Matt’s family died so why not? Anyway, it turns out the man was just a loser who left his family and then was too ashamed to go back so he settled down and started a new family somewhere else.

Sybil was apparently still immortal since she’s still alive after Damon ripped her heart out last episode, I found that strange because I thought she lost that privilege after breaking away from Cade. Sybil and Seline are now competing to get the Mystic Falls Charter Bell because it is actually a weapon that can kill sirens (later revealed that it will destroy everything within a large radius if rung 12 times within an hour)

They keep picking up Elena’s necklace in random places, the necklace makes him a little more humane, his way of coming back eventually would be because of the necklace and knowing that he still has a piece of Elena. Their obviously still keeping the necklace around so they can give it back to Elena in the finale (that’s just waht I think will happen). It’s also a symbol of Damon’s humanity because I think that as long as he has it, he can’t completely forget Elena and throw himself away to Cade. **Bonus** There’s a reflective song included at the end of this episode and UM I looked up the song after watching and it’s sung by Enzo (who’s kind of MIA right now, anyone know why? I can’t remember)!!! It’s great though, I actually really liked it and the song obviously had a specific meaning for the final scene. Stefan has gone to far and lost his mind and Damon might not be able to fix him this time.

Episode 9: The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch

We take a sort of trip down memory lane here as this episode takes place during the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Caroline is running the show, and I can see how they are trying to recreate moments that have happened in the first season here with Stefan and Damon showing up and getting involved. It’s a little different though, to say the least, because the sirens are fighting for the pieces of the Mystic Falls charter bell. That’s pretty much all I wrote down about this episode, the only other thing I picked up was that the charter bell will do something bad to the sirens, but more about that in the next section…

Episode 10: Nostalgia’s a Bitch

Sybil puts Damon into a catatonic state now because his humanity is back on and he’s rebelling against her, and the gang has to get into his mind and drag him out of his daze. Within Damon’s subconscious is a world where those he killed, turned, loved and lost, etc. are still around and have never met Damon. It seems like his way of showing he cares about all the bad things he has done and been through. Apparently he still blames Stefan for turning him into a vampire to begin with, and he finally completely forgives his brother in this episode (much to Stefan’s confusion because he doesn’t believe Stefan doesn’t believe he has anything to apologize for). Some cameos include but are not limited to: Vicki Donovan, Liz Forbes, and Tyler Lockwood. These confirm my suspicion that there really trying to wrap it up by inviting tons of people who got killed off to come back one last time. Matt has to ring the charter bell, which they have now collected all the part to, because it originally belonged to his family. Stefan compels Matt to ring the bell, which baffled me because I couldn’t believe that Matt wasn’t still protecting himself from compulsion in every way. But at the last second when Matt is about to ring the bell for the 12th time, Damon has awoken and stops Matt from doing so. And just in time too since ringing the bell would have destroyed Mystic Falls and everyone inside of the town. They lock Stefan up in the dungeons of the Salvatore house, so I’m guessing they’re going to try to fix him and make him flip his humanity switch back on in the next episode, but there was also an important looking scene with Cade in the preview for next week. Cade visits the angsty sirens and sets them aflame so I think they really are dead this time. With the sisters out of the picture Cade will most likely focus all his energy on trying to control his new minions.

If you have any thoughts or theories on the rest of this season let me know in the comments!

Katie x



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