Let’s Talk About… Pasta Wars by Elisa Lorello

I downloaded this book as a electronic ARC from Edelweiss and read it in October of 2016, but I am scheduling this post to go up the day the book comes out! (January 17, 2017)

Edit: Just kidding this book is actually already out, at least at Barnes and Noble, which I found out when I saw it when I went back to work this week for my break from school. Apparently the book was released in stores on July 12th even though both Edelweiss and Goodreads say it isn’t out until January… Oh well, this just means I can put this post up earlier, and so I will 🙂

I went into this book completely blind, as in, I had no idea what this story would be about. As I started reading, I immediately found myself completely pulled in to Katie’s story (not just because she has the same name as me lol) because she is a strong successful female who has to face a huge challenge. Overall, I loved this story! I was hooked from chapter one and I recommend this novel to anyone who likes a good romantic story that also involves lots of pasta and a hot Italian man 😉

My rating: 4 stars

**Spoilers below**

 Katie Cravens thinks she has her life together. She has the dream home, loving fiance and a successful business to call her own. But obviously, life thinks she needs to reevaluate, so everything falls apart for her in the span of about 48 hours.

I knew immediately that I hated her fiance because as soon as he was introduced, I could tell her was cheating on her (not to mention that it was then revealed that another woman was in their bed at that moment. He sucks and he ditched Katie for the other woman and within the span of 24 hours, everything else falls apart for Katie. Her brand of low calorie frozen foods gets recalled for causing food poisoning in customers which is never good news for a food company. Her board of advisers decides it would be beneficial to collaborate with an Italian celebrity chef on a new line of products. Her new business partners are siblings with differing opinions on the collaboration, Luciana (Lucy) is thrilled to be working with Katie, while Gianluca (Luca) thinks that making frozen meals is a terrible idea.

I liked the romance the developed between Katie and Luca although it seemed like a bit of a rebound for Katie at first. They clearly had physical attraction on their side, and I liked the struggle that they both faced knowing that it would be inappropriate to do anything AND be business partners. It’s a bit of a recipe for disaster, but I thought their romantic issues were well thought out and not extremely unrealistic, like some novels can be.

I liked the insight into reality TV shows here, because I’m not sure how much is true but I can believe most of it. I imagined the actual “Pasta Wars” as something like an episode of Chopped or Cake Wars or any of the other Food Network competition shows of the sort (there are tons you can use as a model here). The competition itself was a bit lack luster for me because it was obviously for PR and the outcome was rigged from the start. I did like the purpose it served for Katie and Luca’s relationship though, because they realized that their love was worth more than business or some stupid PR stunt. Almost the entire novel, Luca was being very petty and mean to Katie, but here he realizes that he loves her maybe even more than he loves his food and his pride.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this novel. I could hardly put it down the whole time I was reading it, and I think that’s the mark of a decent novel. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Katie x



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