The Grinch Book Tag!

I’m a bit behind on doing this tag since I was tagged by Zoë at Escaping in Paper on Christmas Eve, but I figured I could still join in on the fun even if I am a week late! Hopefully getting into the Grinch-y spirit today will help me cleanse myself of some negativity before the new year.

Half the Lights on the Christmas Tree are Burnt Out— Name a book/series/character that started out well and then went downhill.

Matched. I know I have mentioned this in a T5W post very recently, so if you saw that one, you already know my thoughts on this series. I really liked the way the series started because I thought it was a cool new spin on the dystopian society idea, but it definitely fell flat for me about halfway through book two.

Annoying Relatives Won’t Leave You Alone— Name a book that you did not enjoy but everyone else seems to love, and it will not stop haunting you.

I’m trying to think of something other than the obvious (*cough* Twilight *cough*) so my next best would have to be Beautiful Creatures. I read this one when the movie was about to come out and I thought the story was just okay. I don’t know if there’s still a big fan-base for it, but I seem to remember it being a popular series back in the day. I never got past the first book though, I always wanted to finish it but I don’t see that happening anymore.

Your Pets Keep Knocking Over Your Christmas Decorations— Name a character that kept on messing everything up for everyone.

Again, I could rip on Bella Swan, but I’ll spare you that since I have already done so at the end of this post. Instead, I’m going to take the easy route and just say Bella Swan without anymore explanation.

You Hear Your Parents Putting Presents Out and Learn That Father Christmas Isn’t Real— Name a book you were spoiled for.

Allegiant. I tried so hard to stay away from learning about how this one ended, but I was watching a YouTube video that made a hint at it without outright spoiling it, and I knew. So when it happened, I was not shocked or sad, I was more annoyed that after all that happened in this series that was how it ended! Hopefully you know what I’m talking about, I am trying not to spoil anything for people who still have yet to read it (I’d say watch but who knows when the second half of those terrible movies is even going to happen).

It’s Freezing Outside— Name a character you just couldn’t warm to.

Margo Roth Spiegelman. Gahhhh she was so frustrating in Paper Towns! I thought she was selfish and pretentious and mean to poor Quentin. And it really got on my nerves that every time her name was mentioned I had to read THE WHOLE THING. Sorry John Green, I’m a big fan but Margo Roth Spiegelman really got on my nerves.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” Is Being Played A Lot on the Radio, Giving You Anti-Romantic Feelings— Name a couple that you just could not stand.

Bella and Jacob. I’m gonna slam on Twilight a couple times in this post, but the love triangle in this series was so forced. I feel like it only happened because it was the trend to have a love triangle and I honestly hate them most of the time. I feel like if you just have two characters in a complicated relationship then that is enough. There’s no need to throw in a third person and with Jacob, you knew it was never going to happen, so why bother even including it?????

Grandma Has Gotten Run Over By a Reindeer— Name a character death that you are still mad about. **Spoilers if you have not read all the Harry Potter and/or Hunger Games books, but you probably have**

This one is probably obvious because I know many people feel the same way as I do but I actually have two for this one

  1. Dumbledore
  2. Finnick

I will say no more.

Shops Are Overcrowded With Shoppers For the Holidays— Name a series with too many books, or that went on too long.

I honestly don’t have one for this topic unless I go back to Matched by Ally Condie because I think that one would have done well as a standalone.

The Grinch— Name a main character that you absolutely hate (not a villain).

I’m going to ruffle some feathers here for sure, but Bella Swan. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Twilight, though I was really into it for a minute in middle school. Once I realized that Bella was one of the weakest female characters I have ever read, I started to really dislike the series as a whole. I feel like we live in a society with so many female young adult authors who write strong female lead characters, and then there was Stephanie Meyer’s Bella. A submissive, dependent girl who will do anything to gain Edwards approval and attention. I’ll leave it at that for today 😉

Thanks again to Zoë for tagging me, this was a really fun one to write and think about! It’s  bit late to tag people in this one so I won’t tag anyone specific. If you are still feeling in the holiday spirit then go for it! Or keep it in mind for next year. Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 is a good one 🙂

Katie x



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