Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Items I’d Give as Gifts

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme started by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. If you would like to join the group on Goodreads and post your own top 5’s click here! Don’t worry, these posts will always be spoiler free!

This is a fun one! There are so many cool items in books that I would love to actually be able to have (that would actually work if they are magical and whatnot too). So this is probably going to be more of a fictional wishlist than I gift list. They’re gifts I want to get 😉 Obviously, these are mostly from Harry Potter because how cool would it be to have magical objects?? Pretty darn cool!

Hermione’s Time turner (Harry Potter)

Time travel is something I feel like everyone wants to do although it could be a bad thing if used for the wrong purposes. But it would be a good way for a college student to get some extra sleep and then just rewind and go to class XD

Flying Broomstick (Harry Potter)

Fuel efficient, compact, fast. Imagine flying to class on a broomstick, and it’s easy to store in a dorm room. That is all.

The Marauder’s Map (Harry Potter)

The cool thing about this one is that there is actually a toy version of this that is sold pretty widely, but it would be super cool to have one that cold mold to wherever you are and show you everyone around you. It would be so much easier to avoid people you don’t to see or decide whether the line is too long to wait in between classes at Einstein’s Bagels… Just me? Okay.

Rose’s Evil Eye Necklace (Vampire Academy)

I actually used to have one by Cadsawan jewelry that I begged my mom to get me but one tragic day I was taking it off before a shower and the pendant went right down the sink drain. I’m still super sad that I lost that pendant… I don’t think they sell it any more 😦

A Witchlight (The Mortal Instruments)

It would be pretty cool to have a little stone in your pocket that lights up without needing batteries and switched.




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