The Vampire Diaries Final Season Episodes 6 & Mid-season Finale!

If you haven’t finished the first half of TVD’s final season stay away until you have because this will definitely contain spoilers!

Things are still very complicated for the TVD gang, with Damon still in no humanity mode and Seline abducting the twins to use them for her selfish plot. There’s tension between Caroline and Stefan because this situation has placed them in a tough spot where Damon might have to die in order to protect Caroline and Ric’s daughters.

Episode 6

It’s unclear as we enter this episode why Seline has taken the twins, but now we find out that she wants to sacrifice the twins to Cade’s control and set herself and Sybil free from him. They are travelling to some place to summon Cade with Sybil and Damon in tow. Damon is still loyal to the sirens because he shut his humanity switch off and doesn’t care about anyone anymore. Sybil starts torturing Enzo mentally from afar in order to make Stefan interfere and come find them. She has her own hidden agenda with that. Since Cade needs a sacrifice equal to the two sirens in order to free them from his control, Stefan agrees to be the new sacrifice alongside Damon. Sybil’s plan in torturing Enzo was to make Stefan interfere and come find them so she could make a trade of sacrifices at the last minute. Of course it’s a dumb decision, but does he do it anyways? Yes. Stefan does at least one sane thing and asks for one day before he sells his soul to the devil so he can spend it marrying Caroline. To be honest, I hate that this is happening, but I am very glad to see Stefan actually staying together with one woman at last. We saw him through Katherine, and Elena, and probably a handful of other flings. He and Caroline are a great pair though so I’m glad it’s them. Ric really hates Damon at this point. Those two have been through a roller-coaster of friendship and hurt but at this point, the relationship is doomed because Damon severely endangered Ric’s children. That’s not really something that’s easily forgiven. So at the end of the episode, Ric stakes Damon and kills him, but I knew it wouldn’t be that simple since 1) he’s Damon freaking Salvatore, he’s not just going to die like that and 2) he might already be fully immortal because of the Cade thing.

Mid-season Finale

This episode takes place on Christmas Eve which happens to be Stefan’s last day of freedom before he officially becomes a servant of the devil. The opening scene is a bit of a flashback that they expand on towards the end of the episode. It’s a memory from 1917 when Stefan was in his ripper mode and he attacked a camp of innocent people on Christmas Eve. Apparently Seline was there and saw him. She supposedly told DStefan that Cade had claimed his soul at that point, but she made him forget that they had ever met. She also saw Stefan writing down the names of his victims and she picked up the habit herself thinking that she could redeem herself if she ever got free of Cades control by doing something with this list of names (I’m a bit fuzzy on the details of that). But Stefan decides to take the deal with Cade that he will be his servant for a year and then he can leave if he chooses to. Cade believes that Stefan will fall back into his ripper mode and never want to stop again though, so he seems to feel very secure in the fact that Stefan wil be his eternal servant.

Anyways, this memory scene bit happens a bit after Damon rudely stakes and kills Stefan in the Salvatore house because he had crashed their Christmas Eve dinner with special guest Sybil. Mind you, Ric and Matt both thought Damon was dead sine they didn’t realize that he was already protected by his deal with Cade. I think they had to die (again because they already died long ago in order to become vampires) and then Cade would finish the deal and make them literally immortal and completely immune to death. It’s jut another time they’ve died though, how many times have these characters died? It’s like supernatural where you just know they’re probably not actually dead… But seriously, how may times can one body die? Count up how many times Matt, Ric, and Jeremy died with those rings in the earlier seasons that would bring them back to life if they died of supernatural causes. Too bad Georgie didn’t have one of those (yes, I am still bitter that they brought her in and then just murdered her a few episodes later because I thought she was a really great character. Overall though, Seline is starting to look more likable. She has an interesting character arc so far since she seemed lovely at first, then she was the most evil character ever, and now I think she does genuinely want to fix things. So I am glad that Ric allowed her to do what she needed to with the twins to break their bond and remove herself from their memories at the end of the night.

Damon then drops a bomb that one of the people at dinner is going to have to be killed before the night is over and he chooses Matt’s dad as his victim after forcing him to tell them why he never came back to his family in 20 years. Turns out the guy was just too ashamed that he left his family and pregnant wife all those years ago so he just never went back. Less terrible than expected but still embarrassing because it’s really not a great reason to just ditch your family. Anyways, Damon decides he’s going to kill Matt’s dad, but he doesn’t end up doing that. Instead, he kills Sybil after he gives her Elena’s necklace as a present and has flashbacks of memories with her that Sybil must have missed when she altered his memories. Sadly, they end the episode with Damon and Stefan driving away from Mystic Falls and their friends and family to do Cade’s bidding and Stefan flips his humanity switch 😦

Final note: Bonnie and Enzo are so sappy and perfect together I love how cute they are.

I hope you are enjoying the last season of the Vampire Diaries so far and let me know what you thought in the comments!

Katie x



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