The Vampire Diaries Final Season Episodes 3-5

As usual, this post is going to have spoilers, and lots of them so only read on if you are caught up!

I actually really like this Siren story line this season, it’s far more interesting to have this antagonist than if the gang was just running around chasing each other like they were last season. So first off, very cruel of them to start episode three with a memory of Liz *sad face* because I am still very sad that Liz was killed off from having cancer :(. But Sybil is continuing to rewrite Damon’s memories so there will be no one left in his mind that could bring back his humanity. This episode is incredibly intense with Enzo ad Damon being pitted against each other at the expense of Bonnie, and then Damon still being sent to kill Bonnie even though Enzo turned off his humanity and obeyed Sybil… —Side note: I always thought the “humanity switch” was a super weird thing for vampires to have. It makes sense because vampires are usually portrayed as inhumane and cruel, driven only by instinct, so really it’s weirder that these vampires even HAVE a sense of humanity in the first place! And the fact that is is something that can just be turned on and off at will makes it much more confusing to me. — I loved the use of “The Death of a Bachelor” by Panic! at the Disco because that’s literally one of my fave songs at the moment (well I have basically been listening to all of Panic!’s music on a loop for the last few weeks so basically I’m a huge fan of everything XD). I noticed that Sybil has an accent, the actress is Australian, and it’s really obvious in some words she says, but I guess its fine? She’s exotic and foreign so I suppose it’s fine if she has a weird mixed accent (although her sister, as revealed in ep 5) has no accent whatsoever. This episode ends with more emotional tumoil as Damon kills Tyler Lockwood. At this point I’m like, are they just going to kill everyone off so that there’s no way for the story to ever come back??? I hope not because that would be lame.

I have far fewer notes on episodes 4 and 5 so I’ll just combine my thoughts in this next bit. At first they want you to think, and I did fall for it, that Mindy… er, I mean Georgie, is Sybil’s sister. Of course it isn’t that simple though. The scene where Georgie tries to call Ric and Seline stops her makes more sense when we realize (at the same time Stefan does when Sybil goes into his head and tells her story) that Seline is actually the other siren and it makes more sense because she can use the innocent twins to do her evil tasks with magic. So cruel though because up until this point she had proven to everyone that she was so trustworthy but NOPE she’s a pure evil she-beast who force her own sister to become a cannibal and has now abducted the twins so that they can perform evil spells for her. Needless to say, I hate her even more than I hate Sybil now. Matt’s dad also shows up somewhere in here too and none of that makes sense because I didn’t even know Matt’s dad existed lol. Like, I kind of assumed he was just dead prior to the beginning of this story so many years ago, but he apparently had abandoned his family years ago and just decided to come back. They totally don’t know that Tyler is dead until the beginning of ep 5 when Matt finds the body and calls everyone to inform them. The most successful part of al this was that Bonnie finally got Enzo to flip his humanity back on by almost dying in a fire that was binding Enzo into a house. He saves her life and flip himself back into humanity mode. So YAY! The cops finally find Georgie’s body because Seline has killed her and ate some of her when Sybil refused her sister’s help. The poor siren lackey couldn’t defend herself and also had a weird sensation where she could see Seline eating her as if she was outside her own body. Such a bummer that she’s dead because I really liked her character and every time Ric finds someone he likes and trusts they get ripped away from him! It’s so not cool! I actually thought for a brief second that Georgie was immortal when she jumped out of her body but then I realized she was actually dead this time and there was no coming back. Then she was pulled back to wherever she was going after she saw herself being eaten. Who knows, maybe she’s not done yet. Maybe she’ll help Ric and the gang from the afterlife? Idk but I don’t want anyone else to dieeeeeeee. *sniffs* Okay, I’m done for now. See you with some more thoughts in a few weeks 🙂

Katie x



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