The Vampire Diaries is BACK BABY!!

This is going to be a review for the first two episodes of the final season of The Vampire Diaries! I have been waiting for this show to come back all summer and I was definitely pleased with the new season premiere. I will admit I was a bit skeptical of the transition between the 6th and 7th season last year, because what is TVD without Elena? I think they handled it well enough. Season 7 was not the best season the show has had, but I am glad they are taking this final season to bring a (hopefully) satisfying end to the series.

I’ll try to make these posts bi-weekly, though I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to watch all the episodes live… Enjoy!

**Spoilers for episodes 1 &2 below!!**

So first things first: Mindy from Drake and Josh.

Now that that’s over XD I’ll delve into the new story line. Damon and Enzo have been bound to a siren who is very hungry. She is controlling them and making them kill “bad” people in order to feed her appetite until she is strong enough to emerge from her bloody water home and walk alongside her two lackeys. Meanwhile, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, and Alaric are doing everything they can to find these two who just up and disappeared after being locked in the vault at the end of last season. There’s also the added threat on Alaric and Caroline’s (surrogate) siphon children who are put in danger in the first episode. Caroline takes care of that just in time to save them, but she and Ric decide they need to be more able to protect their children. Enzo leaves some clues that only Bonnie would understand and of course she figures them out and tries to go and save him with Stefan, dumb idea, but necessary for the purposes of the plot. At the end of the episode, miss siren herself decides she’s ready to emerge and we’re left on a cliffhanger to see what her deal is.

Luckily, I watched the first episode earlier today, so I didn’t have to wait long for episode two.

The only lingering element from last season that’s still bugging me is this stupid “dear Elena” journal crap. We all know full well that Nina Dobrev is not coming back to reprise her role (although they are using archive footage of her from season one and there are rumors that Elena may make an appearance at the end of the series whether in Dobrev’s body or a completely different actress), so I wish they would make a little less fuss over her. After a whole season of this, Elena is so far gone from my interest, I know she’s still a big deal for Damon and whatever and that there still isn’t closure there but if they had just straight up killed her off in the first place this wouldn’t be a thing any more!

Yeesh! I honestly didn’t know how annoyed I was until I wrote that just now…

Anyways, episode two just dropped on the east coast so here are my thoughts on that one! This siren has a weird agenda that I’m not sure I fully understand yet so if you do, please feel free to fill me in below with a comment. Stefan decides Enzo has left another clue for them, so they go to find Sarah Nelson (aka Salvatore) because they think she’s in danger of being killed by Damon. They’re right of course, but Enzo seemed a bit surprised that they showed up, it seemed obvious that they should do that, I don’t know why Enzo thought they wouldn’t pick up on it or decide it was a thing they had to stop. Either way, Sarah doesn’t make it, so long living Salvatore family line. The only ones left now are undead vampires, by which I mean only Stefan and Damon are left. The siren, in the meantime, knows she doesn’t have full control over Enzo and Damon and she is trying hard to find out what is stopping them from blindly following her like the should be. She finally finds out about Elena and goes into Damon’s thoughts to replace Elena in mind with herself—I guess her name is Sybil (Ha! Sybil the Siren, I approve of the alliterative name)— in order to remove Damon’s last shred of humanity that was only kept alive by his memories of his lost love. Sybil kills Sarah Salvatore, the last living human Salvatore family member against all of Stefan and Enzo’s noble efforts to keep her safe and alive. Bonnie attempts to drive Enzo far far away from his siren master but it turns out her can’t go too far without it physically hurting him and either way, she’ll find him. I am intrigued by this new story line so I am interested to see where it goes. At least this episode leaves us on a happy note because STEFAN PROPOSES TO CAROLINE! Agh, so sweet! Perhaps this means we’ll get a wedding?? Finger’s crossed it doesn’t end as badly and Ric and Jo’s wedding though… Sorry I ruined a good thought.

With that, I will conclude this post! I hope you are all enjoying the show and have a lovely weekend 🙂

Katie x


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