Top 5 Wednesday: Inaccurate Book Covers

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Matched by Ally Condie

So the covers for these books are pretty, I’ll admit, and they carry a theme. Plus Cassia does wear a green dress to her Matching ceremony so the picture does make sense, but what does this say about her as a character? Shes a trapped girl who has no control over what happens to her? That’s the opposite of this series’ message, and I just don’t think this really fits the story very well.

Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern

This is literally just words in a speech bubble, very creative. This says absolutely nothing about what the book might be about. It could be about anything. With this cover, you’d never deduce that this book is about a young girl who miraculously survived to her teens with cerebral palsy and falls in love. That just doesn’t happen from this simple cover.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

I will advocate to the end of the earth that this cover is the rightful cover of Uglies (because they have changed them from the picture above to something else since I read it), but really, this cover doesn’t do anything for the story. I will regrettably admit that the new covers make more sense and better illustrate the ideas of the story… so (I guess) it was appropriate for them to change the covers from their generic giant face and grass to something more accurate. *grumbles to self*

Pretty Face by Mary Hogan

So I read this book ages ago in one of the summers between years of middle school I think. It actually took me a while to remember the title because I got it from the library, but i remember being really invested in this story of a young girl abroad in Italy for a year. Overall, this cover is focusing on weight, which is a part of the story because the main character believes she is too fat. I think this cover is a little misleading though because from what I remember, the story is really about her discovering herself in Italy, so I think this cover could use a makeover to help it fit better.

Witch World by Christopher Pike

 This book has recently gone through an identity crisis. The cover AND title have changed since I read this book a few years back, but this cover is just so generic-teen-fantasy-ish. I get that there’s two of her because she exists in two parallel worlds and whatnot, but it’s just a little lame to me.

There’s another T5W done! Let me know your thoughts on these book covers or others you would choose for this topic in the comments! See ya soon

Katie x


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Inaccurate Book Covers

  1. I enjoyed this post! Reading all of your opinions and views was great. And I totally agree on the Uglies covers. I haven’t read any of the other books though. Maybe I’ll have to add a few to my tbr.
    Though, can I give you a tip/critique? It would have been nice if the covers were bigger and next to the area where you talked about them. Especially since the covers were the main point of the post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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