Stranger Things Review! *Spoilers will be said*

So Stranger Things is one of those Netflix programs that has taken the internet by storm. For the past month, everyone who has any remote interest in binge-watching shows has been watching/watched-in-one-day Stranger Things. I have to say, I get it! Last week, I decided to take the plunge and jump into this series. I sat down on a Friday night with some tea and expected to watch one or two episodes, go to sleep, and pick back up the following Friday to unwind after another long week of class… Needless to say, that didn’t end up happening. I totally lost track of time and realized at 2 am that I had just blasted through half of the season! I was absolutely hooked. Each episode ended like a really good chapter in a book, it left me like, “duh, of course I have to watch the next episode IMMEDIATELY.” So if you have Netflix, and are interested in thriller-type drama shows, I totally recommend watching this show (if you haven’t already, I’m actually a little late to watch it myself!).

My main question before watching was: What exactly is the genre of Stranger Things?

I asked this question several times to people who recommended I watch it. I would ask the question with suggestions of comparisons because people would say “horror” or “thriller” so my first thought of comparison was American Horror Story. But of course, people would say it wasn’t really like that. Other ways to explain it would be that it’s something like AHS meets Supernatural maybe? At least that’s sort of how I would describe it.

Stranger Things is set in a small town in Indiana in 1984, and something is disrupting the quiet lives of its citizens. One child, Will, goes missing, is presumed dead, but his mother and best friends do not believe this is the case. Will’s mother is convinced she can communicate with her son, and she refuses to give up on saving him no matter how crazy it makes her sound. She just wants her little boy back. Eleven is a little girl who has been in the possession of the company responsible for Will’s disappearance since she was born. This is why she doesn’t have a name, they took her when she was a baby. She has telepathic powers that she has been trained to control and use, but she is still just child and knows that she should try to escape her lifelong prison.

**Spoilers below**

It was very easy to get emotionally attached to this story line. Who wouldn’t do exactly what Will’s mom did if they lost their son but thought there was still a chance to get him back? That’s right, no one. Though a little creepy, I loved at the things she did, like buying all the Christmas lights, drawing letters on the wall for Will to spell things out, begging for a loan to buy a new phone. I was actually so mad that her boss at the grocery store didn’t want to just flat out give her that phone for free. Like come on man, her son has been taken, she’s emotionally distraught, and she has worked hard for you for years! Give her a break! So I was glad she convinced him.

Eleven was an interesting character especially since she’s so mysterious upon first impression. She hardly speaks, has a shaved head, and is wearing a hospital gown. She also started scarfing down food like she hadn’t been fed in a week, which could actually be true since I don’t think we know exactly how long ago she had escaped. I actually couldn’t believe that Nancy stayed with Steve at the end, but he seemed to be getting a little less selfish and arrogant towards the end since he saw that horrible monster and fought it to save Nancy’s life. Still, I think Nancy and Jonathan are going to end up together (just a theory).

Some crazy stuff happened and I won’t get into too much detail because if you’re reading this part, you already know what happens hopefully. But I am super excited to see where this series goes next. Obviously, Will has not completely left the Upside down behind him. It makes sense that he would have PTSD from such a horrible experience but he had a physical THING come out of him. What the heck was that slug thing he coughed up at the end? It probably has something to do with the snake that Hopper pulled out of his throat in the Upside down, but what does it mean and what will happen to Will next?

There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll stop there! Let me know if you like this kind of post! I’m definitely going to pick another drama series to watch on Netflix now and I might do more reviews of new series! Leave a comment about what you thought about Stranger Things and some theories you have! I’ll be back soon 🙂

Katie x


12 thoughts on “Stranger Things Review! *Spoilers will be said*

  1. I get that the Gate was in the energy building, but the monster was able to make baby tears on his own somehow. It took Elevens powers to make the big gate but the monster just took advantage of the large tear to start busting his own I guess? How did the monster survive before he was eating people? Hopefully the new season answers these questions.

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  2. FREAKING STEVE! I was very angry with that choice.

    Also, I still don’t get how the monster was able to tear through the dimensions or how LSD and sensory deprivation tanks made Eleven telepathic. But aside from Steve, I’m in love with this show.

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  3. Love your thoughts on this! I’m ecstatic for the next season, I can’t wait to see how the whole Will ordeal plays out. I hope some of the ships are reevaluated (*cough* Nancy and Douche, I mean Steve) and I really REALLY hope 11 comes back.

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