The Blogger Positivity Movement!

I’m a wee bit late in making this post, but I have signed up to join the Blogger Positivity movement which was created by Becca @ Becca and Books to help squash some of the negativity that has been plaguing the blogging world recently. I have not personally experienced any direct or indirect negativity, but I am a strong believer that this online space should be a supportive and fun environment for bloggers and readers alike so naturally I wanted to join! To give you an idea of how this all works I have put a little description below but to learn more and to join you can visit Becca’s original post here! You can enter your information to join on her post, but sign ups end on the 29th (so in two days) so that this movement can take action in October (which is why I apologize for posting this so late, but I did only find it a couple of days ago myself).

How it works

Basically, Becca is going to pair everyone who joins with another blogger and each week in October you leave 3 positive comments on your partner’s blog! Each of the comments contain 3 things you liked/ found positive about their post. It doesn’t have to be that regimented, you could do more or less depending on how active each of you are weekly, but the point is to be friendly and positive. Becca also wants us to share the love by finding a newbie blogger to welcome into the community and one experienced blogger to ask what they love about the community! Like I said, there are better instructions and descriptions in Becca’s post so definitely go over there and send her some ❤

I’m very excited to participate in this movement and I’ll be back soon with another post!

Katie x


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