Dance and Dreams

I have always loved to dance. I started lessons at 2 years old because I went with my mom to my older sister’s lessons and I really wanted to join her. I was blessed with good rhythm and determination to dance through any bodily pain I may have incurred upon myself. I found an escape in dance when my parents went through a divorce and my whole life was changing. Recently I took a year and a half off from dancing and after a while, I felt like something was missing from my life. After high school, it felt like it was too weird to try and go back to a studio setting that I hadn’t been in for 2 years, I had only danced at my performing arts high school in that time, so I didn’t take any classes over the summer, my gap semester, or the spring/summer semesters of last school year. So this semester, I enrolled in a Modern dance class. It felt amazing to get back into doing something I love, and being able to let go of stress and thoughts for a few hours a week. I feel like my passion for dance has been reignited in the last couple of weeks and I don’t want it to stop. It’s so important to be doing something to de-stress and feel good about. Sometimes it can get very hard to push through choreography, or forget about the hours of homework I’ll have to do when I get out of class, but I love just letting go for a bit and having fun. It teaches me how far I can push myself mentally and physically. It teaches me that doing what I love is the most important thing for my happiness and sanity. And though I don’t plan particularly on building a career around dancing, I know that I definitely want to keep dancing for as long as I can.

I auditioned for a dance group at my school last Sunday, doing the type of dance that a non-professional studio would do. It’s been so long since I have danced like that and this audition reminded me that I like doing those types of combinations and dance numbers. I made it into the dance group and I am so excited to get back to dancing and performing. Just taking a class has helped me to realize, even more, how much I missed everything that dance brought to my life! So I am glad I decided to put myself out there and try out for a club because it’ not normally the type of thing I would do!

I can’t ignore the things I want to achieve either. I am a generally shy person, so auditions where I have to sing intimidate me because I don’t always like the spotlight (which sucks because I would love to do more musical theater), I would much rather be in an ensemble than a star role, but I need to push myself to do what I want to do regardless of how nervous it makes me, or how inferior I feel to those who have been acting and training their voices for theater for their whole lives. If it’s something I want to do, I should give it a try right? I did a musical once while I was in high school and I waited until my senior year to do it. After all that waiting I wished that I had built up the confidence to do it sooner because I can sing (more in a choir way than a theater way) and dance and with that combo I can probably get by in the mediocre theater world. I just have to try.

Chase your dreams!

Katie x



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