Let’s Talk About… Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher

This sequel to Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher is just as captivating as its predecessor! After finishing the first installment, I couldn’t wait to start on Always with Love. This book did not disappoint, it was just as heart warming, emotional, and all around sweet as the last book. Billy and Sophie have a romance all girls dream of: a hot Hollywood actor boyfriend, trips to LA to visit him in his Hollywood hills home, and a cute small town life where she and her beau can be secluded and perfectly in love while he has some time off. Personally, I would love to live in Rosefont Hill. I have only ever lived in large cities, so the idea of small town life (especially in England) and I am dreaming of visiting Sophie’s tea shop!

This sequel follows Sophie and Billy as they go through the highs and ultimate lows of long distance relationships. We begin with Sophie visiting LA with Billy, who then unexpectedly meets a big time producer who offers him a huge movie role in the next biggest film! He has to stay behind while Sophie returns back home to Rosefont Hill and so begins the long distance troubles. Sophie has to juggle running the tea shop she inherited from the late Molly, many changes as her mother plans a wedding to her new man Colin, and her relationship with Billy while another man tries to gain her affections.

Once again, if you haven’t read Giovanna Fletcher’s books, or watched her lovely videos on YouTube, I highly recommend you do!

My rating: 5 stars

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**Spoilers below**

Billy’s family was very frustrating to me, expecially his mother for obvious reasons though I think she was meant to be a favorable character towards the end. She was just far too selfish for me to like her, living off her son and not caring about anything but Billy’s career so that she could live her luxurious life for even longer. Something about her clearly having forgotten any sense of humility that she previously possessed in her small town life was too unforgivable for me. Lauren, on the other hand, was by far my favorite Buskin family member (the twins were just as obnoxious as his mom, the father said hardly anything at all, and the younger brother was completely absent). That’s not to say that she was my favorite by default, mainly her descriptions reminded me of me! I sure would like to think that if I had a famous brother, that I would want to live my own life wether that is in fame or with a totally different ambition. She even took the time to visit with Sophie while on a work trip to London which made her so much sweeter. She was by far the most down to earth of the present Buskin family members, so bsically Lauren is great.

I like the way these books are split in to four (pretty equal) parts becuase it’s a more realistic was to track the passing of time. As the story progresses to the wedding things seem to get increasingly worse between Sophie and Billy which sucks because it’s so easy to root for them and therefore feel totally awful for them when things go a bit sour. Jane, however, is doing the best she ever has since the accident, and has found a wonderful man with two great kids who she is going to marry! Such a sweet story, and planning the wedding is so immersive for Sophie that you can almost forget that she an Billy are having a rough patch, plus Billy is going to be there for the wedding so at least theres that glimmer of hope for the future that they will be reunited. The wedding itself was very sweet and another part of these books that I could thoroughly relate to as my mother just got remarried last summer. I am not an only child like Sophie, but it was still very emotional for me to see my mother happily married to a great man. Gosh I’m getting all mushy, time to move on…

When Billy and Sophie eventually are reunitied (and it feels so gooooood— sorry, I couldn’t resist XD), I genuinely thought Sophie was going to break up with Billy! It just seemed like she was unhapy in the relationship and that she was going to call it off because it was too difficult for her. But then he propsed and oh man, heart went to mush right there at the end. A lovely ending!

I don’t know if there is going to be another book, part of me wants another one and part of me doesn’t because I want their story to stay on this high note. I know GIovanna is still writing, but I don’t know what so I won’t speculate too much. I might want to read the Christmas book she wrote about these guys, which I was glad to see was not a huge part of this book because boy would I have been bummed if I read them out of order. I assume the Christmas story was more supplemental and not so central to the story because the events of Christmas are mostly brushed over, with the important parts clearly explained for those of us who did not read it (yet). As a resident of the US of A, I have no easy access to Giovanna’s books (as far as I know, no US publisher has picked up her books). but they are easy to find on the Book Depository website so I will definitely be ordering a couple more of her books when I get the chance.

I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did! Leave a comment with your thoughts and I will be back soon with another post soon!

Katie x

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