Back to School!

This week is the first week of my sophomore year of college at Boston University. I’m super excited for this both because this is a generally exciting time and because I have opted for a single room this year. I am a person who enjoys her alone time to read and watch a plethora of television programs, as well as study mostly on my own, so I think this room is going to be my favorite place on campus this year. I have a dance class this semester, which is very exciting because I have not taken a dance class since graduating from high school a year and a half ago! As someone who has been dancing since age two, a year away from it has only sent me itching to get back into the studio! So far, I like my professors and think it is going to be a fun and challenging year.

This post will also serve as a pre-apology for the fact that I cannot guarantee weekly posts/reviews for the next few months. I anticipate being very busy with schoolwork, but I am going to do my best to read books for fun during dinner and whatnot, basically in any moment when I am not focusing on homework! So hopefully I’ll still be able to squeeze in so fun reading with my school reading.

I hope everyone who started school recently is having a good time so far! I’ll be back in the near future (that I can semi-promise) with a review of Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher as I am over halfway through that one thanks to a long day of travel to get from Vegas to Boston!

Katie x



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