Let’s Talk About… Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas is great a weaving her stories together, this is the second book of hers I have read and I absolutely love them so far! Celaena is an extremely complex character who still has a few mysteries about her after this sequel to Maas’s Throne of Glass, but this is a series of 6 books (the fifth is to be released next month I believe) and there are so many more things to reveal as the series continues. I love Maas’s writing style and imagination. The world she created for this series just keeps unfolding and I want MORE! Luckily, there is more! So, I will soon be picking up the next volume in this series and I’m strongly considering buying the novellas on e-reader for my plane ride to Boston on Saturday…

My rating: 5 stars


Celaena goes through a roller-coaster of emotions throughout this installment of her story. We start right where Throne of Glass ended after Celaena has become the King’s Champion and broken off her short-lived relationship with Dorian. I mean, it was clear to anyone with eyes that Chaol is also in love with her, so it’s a standard two-guys-and-one-girl-love-triangle-in-a-teen-novel so that part is kind of obnoxious, but Chaol is perfect for her really, so I can deal with the overall cringiness that a love triangle brings to a book. Chaol and Celaena’s brief romance in this book was rudely interrupted by the FREAKING DEVASTATION caused by Nehemia’s death! (It would have been completely unforgivable if Maas had also killed off Fleetfoot at the end like it seemed like she was going to, so I’m glad she didn’t cross that line… yet) How could she! Who does Sarah j. Maas think she is to kill such an important character? It’s almost unforgivable (but I secretly love it because of what this did for the plot). The entire Archer Finn story line was quite confusing and interesting at the same time. I would never have suspected that he was the one behind Nehemia’s murder, but WOW! The pieces really fall onto place. Elena played a much smaller role in this book than the last one because she was *she said in a mocking voice* “too weak” and each encounter she did have “drained” her “too quickly.” She was conveniently displaced, but the story moved well enough without her.

I found myself trying to figure out what was going to happen next, but my problem was that I didn’t predict anything correctly. I figured something was up with Kaltain, but I didn’t expect the new cousin to also be magical. The Wyrdkeys are still too mysterious for me to really figure out, but now there’s also that thing that Celaena is Fae and the lost princess and heir to the throne of Terrasen which could mean big things on the horizon. The ending was one of the most exciting cliff hangers I’ve read in a while and I am so excited to see where the next book takes this series! I also haven’t read a long series in years, I have mostly read stand alone books and trilogies recently, so more books = more to look forward to and this is only book 2! Chaol has been left in charge of the Wyrdkeys and Elena’s amulet, and then there’s the issue of Dorian’s newfound magic which needs to be hidden from the king and all sorts of drama. Exciting stuff.

Leave me a comment saying what you thought of this book/ think of the series (no spoilers for future installments of course) and I’ll be back soon with another review!!

Katie x



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