Let’s Talk About… Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Hi hello how are you? I’m in Disneyland having a joyous time right now so I’ve left this little review in the mean time. Enjoy!

I’ve literally searched “The Illuminae Files” of Goodreads to make sure there is a sequel to this book because OH MY GAWD it was fricken wonderful. But to clear that up, there will be a sequel released in October of this year and a third book is expected to be released in 2017 (and you best believe I will be buying both of those ASAP).
Cady Grant is a young girl with little experience in anything outside of normal classroom intelligence, but she has a talent for hacking. Ezra Mason is Cady’s (newly) x-boyfriend, who is desperate to fix their relationship. Their planet is attacked the day of the breakup and everything is put into the ultimate tailspin that comes with the most gigantic reality check anyone could ever have, but the Cady and Ezra are separated while being rescued. Ezra made it onto the Alexander and Cady was placed on the Hypatia. Now these two ships, along with a third too make up their fleet, are in all out war against the only surviving BeiTech attack ship. The Lincoln.

This is by far the most unique book I have ever read. The entire story is told through a compilation of files (hence the name “Illuminae Files) made out of emails, IMs, audio transcripts, security camera transcripts, etc. and it’s just so different and exciting and AHHHH!!! If you haven’t read it, GO READ IT NOWWWWW because it’s amazing and wonderful and terrifying and heartbreaking and heartwarming and perfect. Okay?

My rating: 5 stars

*Spoilers below* 

I thought this book was absolute, pure genius if you couldn’t tell already. I was hooked from the first scene, which is unusual because it normally takes me a few chapters to get into a new world. The fact that this book isn’t set into chapters definitely helped with that though, because it goes by so fast between emails and messages all compiled together. I really can’t praise this book enough =, so I’ll do my best to contain myself from more praise because I think I’ve made my point pretty clear. But just in case, I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK.

So this is a book about humans in 2075 surviving on different planets which I didn’t really understand at first. I originally thought this was a book about aliens but I realized that they kept calling themselves human, so it finally clicked for me that these are humans who have migrated out into space 50 years from now (geez we better get moving on this sending people to Mars thing or we’ll never catch up!). Once I figured that out I got over the whole alien thing and just looked at everyone as a regular person. Since it isn’t specified that the year isn’t 2075 I’m going with that because it could be any number of centuries later than that but the way the date is written on the documents, and the way the people interact, speak, and conduct military and daily life seems similar to the present day.

There were so many heartbreaking moments in this book like when we finally find out that Kady’s mom was on the Copernicus and is probably dead, when we see how upset Ezra is that he screwed things up with Kady, and ESPECIALLY when we find out AIDAN was pretending to be Ezra since the initial Lincoln attack. A part of me was like “I knew it! I knew Ezra didn’t survive that!” But at the same time, another part of me was still holding out hope the entire time that Ezra was still alive and that they would be reunited at the end (nailed that prediction didn’t I?).

I also really loved seeing AIDAN’s thoughts throughout the second half of the book because those thoughts actually made me feel bad for this hughly intelligent robot system. He (it’s a robot but imma call it “he”) understands human emotions even though he can’t feel them so he knows that he should show mercy and feel sorry for Kady and all that she has lost. Somehow Kady miraculously survived the utter destruction of the Alexander and there’s also a conveniently place escape pod that didn’t get blown to space bits still around too. Not for lack of plot convenience. I am glad Kady could escape and that the captain of the Hypatia decided to turn around in case they could save her. If she had died at the end that would have been real screwed up. Especially if it was then revealed that Ezra survived. So I’m happy with the ending. I cannot CANNOT wait for Gemina to come out this fall so I can read more of this story, although it will be different characters. Hopefully it lives up to this first installment.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment telling me you favorite parts of Illuminae, or things that frustrated you or you didn’t like and I’ll be back soon with another review 🙂

Katie x


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