Let’s Talk about… Zenith by Lindsay Cummings and Sasha Alsberg

Lindsay Cummings is a seasoned teen and middle-grade author with 6 books preceding her combined efforts with Sasha Alsberg. Sasha is a Booktube personality and is currently a college student on top of working tirelessly with Lindsay to write the Androma Saga novellas. “Zenith” is the first in this series about four space pirates Androma, Lira, Gilly, and Breck as they try to avoid being caught for their looting jobs. One man in particular is searching for Androma and his ship, The Marauder, which Androma stole from him years before. The novella is only 9 chapters long with a quick prologue as well, so it’s a quick read until the rest of the series is published soon! It’s available as an eBook for $1.99 so take a look and read it!

My rating: 3 stars

*Spoilers below* 

I’ll start by saying the things I didn’t like too much in “Zenith” because there are a few things that led me to give this novella 3 stars instead of a full five. I feel “Zenith” lacked a certain finesse that I expect to come from fantasy. The world itself confused me a bit as I was hoping for some more world building, but this novella consisted mainly of the story-line and hardly any description of the world. Another result of how short this novella was is that Androma herself had hardly any substance to her either. I could figure out that she was a tough girl who had been through some pretty crap stuff, but her pieced together backstory didn’t quite add up for me, but hopefully that vagueness will be cleared up as we get more of this world in the two novellas to come. I think my last complaint would be that the dialogue felt unoriginal to me. I felt like the one-liners were things I had heard before though I appreciated the different swear words that were definitely original. The new words still felt a bit awkward though because I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the world yet, so again, I hope these things improve as I continue reading the novellas.

What I did like the most was the organization of the chapters. I liked the glimpses of the past as a way to give some back story from Andi and her crew and I liked that the point of view switched between ships so we could see what was happening both ways. The plot itself worked for me although the action felt rushed, but it’s a super short story so I can understand why things happened quickly. I really enjoyed the way the plot has unfolded so far, and I like what I’m seeing as far as the little world building that has happened so far. The business going on with Xen Ptera so far is interesting to say the least, and I like that the prologue tied into the way this first novella ended because I like it when little pieces fall into pace in books. So overall, I would say I enjoyed reading “Zenith” as it was quick and easy to read and I was not bored at any point (partially because it was so short). So I look forward to purchasing the next novella and reading that one too!

Let me know what you thought of “Zenith”!

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