Chronicles of London… Er—Paris!

So my friends and I decided it would be fun to take a quick weekend trip to Paris on our second to last weekend in London. We finally had a few empty days (although finals were right around the corner) to do what whatever we liked and we thought, yes! Paris!)

It was an absolutely lovely trip all around. The flight from London to Paris is barely even an hour, probably less (I didn’t watch the clock but I also couldn’t understand the pilot because he only spoke Spanish). We flew in very late on a Friday night and thank goodness I took a few years of French in high school because I had to use the language straight away to understand that Uber does not run after midnight. We, out of necessity, paid 60 euros for a man who was an Uber driver (he raised the price since it was so late) to get to our hotel. Then we hit a slight issue. We had booked a room for three people but came as a group of four so the man at the desk reluctantly let us all go in. The manager was a bit less happy in the morning so we ended up paying for a second room (no worries).

Now is where the inner tourist in me began to come alive. We first went to the Arc de Triumph. An absolutely stunning landmark just off of the Champs Elysee. We found a cute 70’s themed place to grab some Nutella and banana crepes for breakfast (I, sadly, did not take a picture of their gloriousness), then made our way down Champs Elysee to browse the shops. As a former cast member, I drag all my friends into Disney stores so we made a stop there as well as a few other fashion stores and a car showroom. We were literally just wandering, the week before our trip had been so busy that we really didn’t plan out anything to do so we ended up walking for hours. We stopped at a bakery and grabbed baguettes, I stopped at a pharmacy to replace the toothpaste that airport security had so kindly taken away from me, we stopped at a cafe for hot chocolate, and then we took a nap at our hotel.

After our nap, we headed out for dinner at a place we looked up minutes before leaving the hotel, but it seemed very promising. There was a major soccer (or should I say, football) game happening that day between Portugal and Austria that day, which I thought Portugal won, but the game actually ended 0-0. Anyways, the park next to the Eiffel Tower was taken up by the fan zone for the Euro 2016 tournament and we had to walk around the entire park (probably 10 blocks-ish) just to get to the restaurant because the train station we were supposed to use was closed and the park was a bit occupied. There’s another story about how we tried to walk through the park because the event was free but they wouldn’t let us through because of a selfie stick. The food at the Bistro Saint Dominique, on the other hand, was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Once we finally made it there, I swiftly hooked into the wifi (god bless) and updated my mom on what was going on (lol) ad then ordered French Onion Soup (classic). Now, the only place I have ever ordered this soup is at Mimi’s Cafe in America and let we tell you, this soup for a thousand freaking times better. I can’t even describe it. It was just THE BEST FREAKING FRENCH ONION SOUP I HAVE EVER HAD! Then I had some chocolate cake dessert thing that I can’t remember the name of (delicious) and tried a couple bites of my friend’s creme brulee (YUM).

The subway in Paris is not that exciting. The London Tube system is much more preferable in my opinion, but the trains got us around everywhere we needed to go—except when they shut down at 12:30am and we became stranded with no wifi trying to get back to the hotel Saturday night (I guess it was technically Sunday morning, but… details). The Uber app was also a major flop as it kept placing our location a few blocks away so we were left to hail a cab. All ended well though and we got back safe that night.

The second day was spent at the Louvre which was so cool too. First, we got the classic French class breakfast of an “omelette au fromage” and “un jus d’orange” which also came with bread and butter and assorted cheeses, magnifique! I got to see the Mona Lisa (who is kept very safe behind about 5 layers of glass and one of those retractable rope things to keep people from getting too close). It was a bit hard to get a real close look at her and the way her eyes follow you but the experience was absolutely surreal. We also got to see the original Venus statue and Napoleon’s apartments. The museum is massive so we hardly even walked through a quarter of it, but it was still awesome to be there at all.

I hope you are enjoying these quick travel blogs as much as I enjoy writing them. I love going back through my pictures and remembering my experiences, especially the ones from way back at the start of my study abroad experience. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back with another one soon!

Katie x


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