Chronicles of London: Afternoon Tea

One of my favorite experiences while in London was the day I went to afternoon tea with three of my friends. I went to two different teas, so I will talk about them each separately.

Tea 1: BB Bakery in Covent Garden


We chose an incredibly cute bakery to go to and got dressed up nice on a Wednesday afternoon to have a classic British experience. Each of us had our own pot of Red Fruit Tea and one each of every sandwich and treat on the stands. It was all too delicious for words but here are some pictures 🙂 I definitely recommend that you visit BB Bakery if you want a super cute Afternoon Tea experience while in London.

Tea 2: Madd Hatter’s Cafe in Leicester Square

This was a cute themed bakery in the West End based on Alice in Wonderland. The bakery itself was very strange inside, decorated to resemble a theater but with the bakery off to the side almost separate from the rest of the room. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the menu options because we could choose one cake or cupcake to go with our dessert tray. Naturally, I went for a banana Nutella cupcake, because how could I not? This time, I got iced tea because it was a hot, humid summer day in London and my tea companions and I had just walked spent a bit of time walking through the Churchill War Rooms for a school field trip (very cool might I add, maybe I’ll dedicate another post to it). Anyways, I got a peach raspberry iced tea and a yummy cupcake. They also served us some finger sandwiches and standard desserts like brownies and some type of macaron cake thing! This cafe is one to go to for a casual afternoon tea rather than a cute more formal experience. Also, the environment of the West End was pretty fricken cool since I love theater!

Thanks for stopping by!

Katie x



4 thoughts on “Chronicles of London: Afternoon Tea

  1. Oh I love afternoon tea 😍 Have you been to The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell? Their’s is delicious.
    So is Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross. That’s my all time favourite cafe.
    Love the post 😊 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No! These were the only two I went to while I was studying abroad in London. I do hope to go back someday soon though so I’ll keep that in mind! Also thanks 🙂 Katie x



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