Chronicles of London: So a Sober Girl Walks Into a Club…

I know this sounds like the beginning of a stupid joke, but it really did happen. I am that sober girl. Being in college means that most of the people I hang out with like to drink and go to clubs and parties on the weekends. This is totally normal and fine, but I am the type of person who likes to stay in and read a book or watch tv and just relax on a Friday or Saturday night (or a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… you get the point). Everyone kind of knows this about me because I have vocalized these preferences. So when I told my friends that I would go out with them one Friday night, there was no way I was getting out of it. I told them that there was no way I was going to stay out later than 2a.m. I definitely had my doubts, but I knew this was something that I should at least give a shot, even if my expectations were that it was going to be awful. Now I wouldn’t say that it was completely awful, but I did leave the club feeling like I had experienced what needed to be experienced and that I have no desire to ever go back. I had fun for about an hour, but then I was done because everyone around me had gotten so drunk that I hardly even knew them anymore. I felt a bit anxious while trying to hold it together in a corner waiting for my friends to be ready to leave. By 1a.m. I wanted to bolt on my own, but I stayed. I left around the time I had wanted to, but not because I instigated leaving. I left with one of my friends because a situation having to do with another friend had arisen, and I saw this as both a way out and a reason to help my friends get home safely. I am honestly not surprised that this happened because I watched my roommate from last semester come home many a night completely drunk and sick, but I also had no idea how to handle this situation with pity. Watching my friend take care of our other friend reminded me of watching a mom take care of her sick child. In the end, I definitely will not be doing this again, but I will always try to make sure that I check in to see that my friends are okay because it is their choice to go out and I’m not in any position to stop them. I care about my friends deeply, but when they go out I just don’t have the desire to go with them.

Thanks for stopping by!

Katie x


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