Shadowhunters Finale! (Episode 13)

I realize that I never actually wrote this post after the finale aired, but you know, college tends to get in the way of free time. I figured I would just write a quick review that basically shows some optimism toward season 2 of Shatowhunters!

I genuinely can say that I am looking forward to season 2. I think that with the following the show now has, this show can probably get a bigger budget from ABC and really improve upon the special effects and other things that were only subpar during season one. I did mention a few times that certain diversions from the book storylines did irk me, but I think consistency will be key with Shadowhunters. As long as they create plot lines that make sense and don’t have holes, the show will be great.

That said, I apologize for this super delayed post! More reviews will be coming in time

xoxo Katie



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