Let’s Talk About… This is Where it Ends

I’ll start this review by saying that I know my posts are irregular, but I am currently in college and have been super busy since starting to blog last year. I’ve just finished my first semester and will be taking a shortened summer semester in London for the next month, so I’m sure that I still will not have much time to read and/or blog. I do think that I will give travel blogging a go though because I do want to share some of my school experiences on this blog, especially because I do not really want his to be strictly a book blog. Anyways.. on to the book!

Wow. This novel is stunningly descriptive and emotional. This is Where it Ends follows the story of a school shooting from 4 different perspectives that are all from characters who have direct relationships to the shooter. The events take place during slightly less than an hour of terror-filled minutes.

Tyler has been an outcast ever since his mother died, and he dropped out of high school because of it, but no one ever thought he would come back for revenge on those who cast him out. Autumn is Tyler’s younger sister and also an aspiring dancer, taking after her and Ty’s mother in this talent. Sylvia is Autumn’s girlfriend, though it is not public knowledge yet, and she has also been hurt by Tyler in a very personal way before the novel’s events. Thomas is Sylvia’s twin brother who fought with Tyler at school, but he did so out of fierce protection for his sister. Claire is Tyler’s ex-girlfriend who now feels responsible that she could not see this coming.

I highly recommend This is Where it Ends as a quick read. This is by no means a true story but it is certainly an eye-opening story that touches upon issues that are present in our society today. It’s definitely a quick read both because it’s short and because it has a very intriguing storyline. Pick it up if you haven’t read it yet and read on if you have!

My Rating: 4 stars

**Spoilers below**

I found this book very interesting to read. I liked that there was a blend of past and present because in the moment the characters were basically seeing flashbacks of their happiest and darkest moments. I guess it’s a bit cliche that they are seeing their lives flash before their eyes or whatever, but I liked that the flashbacks gave more information about why Tyler decided to shoot his classmates and how each of the four perspectives is intertwined. I loved the juxtaposition of siblings and enemies because Sylv and Thomas would do anything fo reach other, whereas Tyler feels betrayed by Autumn and turns to harming others as revenge. I feel like there isn’t much else that I can say in this review, so that will be all! I hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to stop by again!



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