Voice of Gods (Novella)

It literally took me 5 months to read this short novella. If you have read my review of Legacy of Kings, you will know that I– okay scratch that thought. I just reread my “review” of it and realized that it is literally just a summary of the book. I feel like I have every right to be honest about my feelings about the books I read so this rating may seem harsh, but it’s how I felt after reading it, so there you go! Anyways, I was not too impressed by Legacy of Kings and gave it a fairly low rating of 3 stars (low by my standards anyway. I found the book slow and the plots very convenient so I just didn’t enjoy the book as much as I had hoped to. This novella went pretty much the same way.

If you have not read “Voice of Gods” yet, it is available on amazon for free:

My rating: 2 stars

This is a very short review and doesn’t really contain spoilers so don’t worry 🙂

I had hoped that getting the backstory of Olympias, Helen, and Ada would help me to look back on Legacy of Kings in a better light, but I feel the novella also fell short for me. At the start, I was very interested in the stories and I thought that the novella was going to be great and make me appreciate the series more. The novella is split into 5 parts, and by the 3rd part, I had lost interest. The last third of the novella went by very slowly, partly because I started college in January and had no time to read and party because I was not motivated to read the novella. I finished it because I knew I had started so long ago and didn’t want to give up on something that had potential. At first, I liked that I could have some backstory that made all the connections between the characters make sense. Then, like I keep saying, I just got bored and the story lost me. Once again the plots were twisted this way and that in seemingly convenient ways to make things work and that’s not really the type of story I like to read. So far, I have not paid for either the novella or the first novel of the Blood of Gods and Royals series because the novella is free on amazon and I originally picked the first book up as an advanced reader’s copy at work. I do not think I will be bothering to pay for the second book when it comes to considering I have not been enjoying this series as much as I do with many others. It doesn’ really do it for me, but it might work for you so if anything, give the novella a shot before the first book and see if it’s something you like. It’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose.

I’ll be back soon enough

xoxo Katie



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