Shadowhunters Episodes 11 & 12

Episode 11: Blood Calls to Blood

What I Thought

Last episode ended with a pretty big cliffhanger so at the start of this episode Jace is dying (inexplicably) from a wound that shouldn’t be killing him. And there is much confusion as to how Michael Wayland is still alive. Simon is in this episode very briefly, his only job is to get blood bags from Hotel DuMort so that Jace can have a blood transfusion. Shadowhunters don’t flippin need that. grrrrr

We get to see the inquisitor in this episode and I think she does a good job of being a cruel, heartless, disciplinary figure. She comes to the institute to prosecute Izzy for her involvement with Meliorn and the exchange f information that took place between them.

The Clace kiss in this episode slightly reverted back to too awkward to handle because Clary literally says “Is this real life?” But I didn’t think this one was as bad as the first kiss. For whatever reason, Izzy requests that Magnus represents her as a lawyer figure. I mean Magnus is up for it, and he has lots of worldly low experience but its a really awkward position for him to be in as a downworlder representing a Shadowhunter. Izzy is pretty stupid to talk back to the inquisitor considering she could have her marks stripped and cold possibly die from that so she’s showing some real bravery at this trial. Lydia does change her mind halfway through the trial even though she is the one who started this business anyways. She realizes this is wrong and turns to the good side. I =’m not really a huge fan of her though. Even though Lydia drops the charges, the inquisitor drops the bomb that she was really only there to get the mortal cup and she will still strip Izzy of her marks unless the Mortal Cup is handed over to the Clave by midnight.

I’m very happy that they brought Renwick’s into the story because I was worried that they were literally going to try and raid Chernobyl. It’s so much better that Valentine is actually nearby. I was a bit surprised that they went straight to Renwick’s in the same episode, though. I just think this show is bouncing all over the place with a million plot lines, but none of them are developed enough to make sense. It’s not focused enough and really needs to be if they want the viewers to actually enjoy the show. It helps to be able to know what’s going on. Blackwell is standing guard outside the hospital and Luke fights him. Bye Blackwell, at least they mentioned your insignificant name in the TV show right?

Obviously, there was something off about Michael. He kept looking at Jace all weird and saying cryptic things and he was all too willing to give up Valentine’s “plan” without any type of fear that I would think would come from a decade of capture and torture. I know plenty of people were speculating that Valentine was just glamouring himself as Michael Wayland because we saw that ability early on when Lydia first arrived. It’s convenient and made up power for the purposes of the show, so of course it was used for this dumb plot hole. They’re also still having Clary command demon with just the Mortal Cup… smh. I do like that Clary glamoured a “world’s best dad” mug as the Mortal Cup. Oh, the irony.

Clary is always trying to be the tough girl, but I feel like it just comes across weirdly through Kat. She in no way looks tough, I just kind of feel like she’s joking when she says threatening things like “Let them try and hurt me” or whatever she says. She’s pretty much the definition of non-threatening.

I cannot lie. I am very very VERY happy that the incest storyline is actually happening! I know that sounds gross, but as a fan of the books, I would love for at least all of the main plot lines from the books to stay intact for the show. Little details will be different, how they reach these plots will change. That’s fine. Just that they exist is all I ask.

Final Thoughts 

Kinda sad there was barely any Simon in this episode. He’s pretty much my favorite character.

Weird that Magnus takes Alec’s bow and arrow at the end of the episode.

YAY FOR INCEST! (Please don’t use that out of context 😉 )

Grade: C+

Episode 12: Malec

What I Thought

First of all, these writers are severely pushing every ship in this series to happen as quickly as possible. It’s a bit obnoxious and I find it stupid that this episode is called Malec because that shouldn’t be a focal point in the show right now. And it’s not like the characters call themselves Malec. Nonetheless, I approve of the relationship.

They also speed up meeting Ragnor Fell as the creator of the potion that put Jocelyn to sleep, and his entire situation escalates very quickly with him dying within 5 minutes of actually entering the show. They made a really big deal of emphasizing that Ragnor is specifically a more powerful warlock than Magnus, which seemed unnecessary. Then they did those weird vision scenes where Magnus was talking to Ragnor even though he is dead now. Also, I’ll just briefly touch on the fact that one demon would have surprised Ragnor enough to kill him especially since Magnus and two Shadowhunters were there and could have easily saved him.

One of the most frustrating Alec lines in this episode was as follows:

Alec (to Magnus): I could lose everything! You just don’t get it!!

Right Alec, Magnus has no idea what it is like to lose things that you love in life. He only has to live while people he lets himself be vulnerable enough to enjoy the company of DIE every century that he live. I felt like this was a very selfish thing that Alec would not have said to Magnus. Obviously, this relationship develops much slower throughout the book series, so the way they rushed this ship for the sake of pleasing the audience. The way that Alec acts like he is entitled to say these things about “losing everything” is just out of character for Alec as he should be a pretty stoic, hide-all-emotion kind of character which basically does not exist in this show.

I did notice that they really used the extra institute actors in this episode. These random background Shadowhunters are usually just in the background and they don’t have any line in this episode either, but they were being talked to a few times in this episode. Either way, this is not the way I imagined an institute being run in my mind. In my brain, the institutes consist of one family and maybe a couple other young Shadowhunters who are there to train, but all of these extra people? I kind of feel bad for them because Izzy, Jace, and Alec get to go out and fight demons and be complete legends and these guys were only good enough to get desk jobs.

Izzy attempts to throw Alec a bachelor party, even though this is definitely not something Shadowhunters do before their weddings (I feel like for some reason they are either intentionally hinting that Izzy is obsessed with Mundane traditions and pop culture-  Not unlike Arthur Weasley’s interst in the Muggle world in Harry Potter, or they are just trying to reference things that the people who haven’t read the books might like to see because they can). It just ended up being a heartfelt conversation between Jace and Alec and they are not fighting anymore after this. It was sweet that at the end of this Alec asks Jace to give him away at the wedding, is that a tradition for Shadowhunters? I know it is a part of the Parabatai ceremony…

Vision-Ragnor tells Magnus to fight for the people he loves, which Magnus takes directly as motivation to object to the wedding. Through the whole episode I felt like Alec was uncertain and that he might back out of the wedding, but I kind of knew that the true Alec would never do something like that. Either way, Magnus walks in and Alec goes to him and kisses Magnus in front of the entire wedding audience, which infuriates Maryse and Robert a bit differently than I thought it would. They were totally not angry with him for being gay, as they were in the books. Being gay in the Shadowhunter word is definitely frowned upon by most, especially by Robert Lightwood (which you kind of understand more about if you have read the Tales from Shadowhunter Academy- and if you have, check out my post from a couple weeks ago about these novellas 😉 #plug). They were very accepting of this, though, and were most offended by the choice of Magnus because of his reputation and the fact that he’s a downworlder blah blah blah.

I liked the incorporation of gold into everyone’s wedding outfits even though it was very different from the way I imagined. I always think of these special events as having certain sets of Shadowhunter gear that everyone is required to wear. The bride herself was hardly even wearing gold. Her dress was clearly white, or at least looked white on camera (I know champagne gold wedding dresses are a thing but if that dress was champagne gold, I couldn’t tell). Their clothes were very mundane to me, and actually more prom-worthy than wedding-appropriate, but I did appreciate that gold was involved, even if it was a bit more prom-y than I think it should be.

I was also just not feeling this wedding at all. It wasn’t romantic because tehy aren’t in love, it was just endless footage of them putting random articles of jewelry on Lydia and then poking a stele into something to start the runes until Magnus showed up. I feel like on the list of worst tv weddings, this would be close to the top.

The Malec kiss. Yes I was happy about it. Yes I got excited that it was happening. No I do not think it was necessary this soon. As I wrote earlier, this show is pushing every possible ship that they know the fans love very very hard, and it’s really not needed. I personally do not need these relationships to happen so quickly not only because it’s slower in the books, but because tv relationships (or real life if you want to go there) are so much better if they develop over time and you have the time to figure out whether or not you like them or want them to happen. I just think they are really rushing romance because they think it’s what the audience wants, and maybe it is! I’m just one person voicing one opinion.

Final Thoughts 

At the end, it is revealed that Camille has the Book of White, which they need to find to get the anti-spell for Jocelyn’s sleeping curse. So that’s definitely foreshadowing the events of the finale.

I absolutely flipped when Lydia got knocked out by an unseen figure and I was definitely trying to figure out who it was. I do not know HOW ON EARTH, as a book fan, I didn’t see the Hodge betrayal coming but, of course, I am happy it did.

Grade: B-

My post on the finale will be coming soon!

xoxo Katie



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