Shadowhunters Episodes 9 & 10

Sorry that there is no post including episode 8 but I just don’t have the time to rewatch it right now! So here are all my thoughts on episode 9 and 10 which are laid out a bit differently because at this point I was taking notes during my first viewing of the show and not rewatching anymore.

Episode 9: Rise Up

What I Thought

Simon is finally a vampire!!! Yay. It’s a bit soon timeline wise because this doesn’t actually take place until book two but I think it works well enough for the show for him to turn sooner.

They’ve laid off a bit with the cheesy music during Clace kisses at least. Glad to see it’s getting less dramatic and more natural.

I was very confused as to how Maryse and Robert hid their circle runes from the children all those years, but the excuse is that their pardon from Clave allowed the marks to be hidden. There’s a lot of drama about the Lightwoods being past circle members in this episode because Alec, Izzy, and Jace had no idea this was a part of their parents’ past. It created a totally different dynamic between the children and Maryse and Robert because, in the book, everyone knew about their past. Maryse was trying to convince Alec that he needed to marry to make up for his horrible acts which I think is super mean because she and Robert were the actual reason that the Lightwood name is soiled and the reason they were punished and forced to run the institute in New York in the first place.

I love Magnus’ makeup and wardrobe. I think he always looks perfectly Magnus with all of his sparkly clothes and bright glittery eyeshadow.

I feel like there is some inconsistency with how many entrances to the silent city (and the Seelie court) there are because this entrance to the Silent City is nothing like the one shown in episode 2.

Alec’s story line is pretty good I think because he os playing the good, loyal Shadowhunter part and doing whatever mommy and daddy tell him to do. However, this sparks a stupid fight between Jace and Alec that causes a dramatically violent fight between the fight between them during this episode where they end up of the ground with Alec holding a knife to Jace’s throat. (Jace shouts “JUST DO IT” haha I can’t be the only one who noticed that this was funny… Come on) Anyways, I really just don’t think this would happen between them. Maybe they would get angry and stop speaking to each other for a few days, but they would never be so angry that they would almost kill each other. Parabatais just don’t do that sort of thing.

Favorite Quote

Jace: Jace Wayland is Switzerland

I liked this line but I thought is was delivered too seriously. Another instance where I think the line would have been so much more Jace-like if Dom had just thrown a little smirk in with it or something to show that it was kind of a joke.

(Apparently this is also a line in Twilight too, which I feel like maybe I remember, but not clearly enough to make the connection until I watched a review that mentioned it.)

Alec: I guess Clary’s room isn’t part of Switzerland.

(I giggled at this one. Alec is so much funnier than he should be and Jace is so not as funny as he should be)

Grade: B- (Purely because it is quite improved in terms of how cheesy the past episodes have been. This one was an improvement.)

Episode 10: This World Inverted

What I Thought

“Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore”


It’s times like these where I remember that this show is on ABC family (even though they changed the name to Freeform, they will never escape that reputation, especially if they keep writing shows with such juvenile scripts).

This episode takes Clary to an alternate universe in which the portal that her necklace shard is from exists. So Meliorn helps Clary go through a portal in Seelie court that can take her to that AU but this scene is so weird because Meliorn is doing these stupid interpretive dance-like movements to open the portal in this weird arch (which was just standing in the middle of the forest) and he just kind of looks like an idiot. Seelies don’t even have magical powers like warlocks so this doesn’t really make sense. They tried to make it look like he was just moving nature but it looked to magic-y with all the special effects.

I love the alternate universe because it freaking had everything that the show has left out so far. Church was there, Chairman Meow was there, Luke had a bookstore, and everyone was like normal human beings. Izzy was an adorable nerd and she and Simon had a very progressed relationship. Valentine’s AU business is interesting too because it’s apparently a start up for 4D internet. Gross though that Izzy and him kind of have a thing. He’s literally the same age as her dad. EW.

During all of this vamp Simon is working with Luke to clear Luke’s name of the murders of his suspects. Theres an aAisan werewolf with a bob that walks into the scene for a few seconds and stares at Simon in a kind of signifanct looking way so I’m still holding out hope that Maia exists and maybe that’s her??? Simon also gets super creepy and there is absolutely no explaination of the plan to clear Luke so when the scene pop up where Simon is trying to drain the internal affairs guy of blood. It’s so awkwardly placed and I actually was so confused because I thought Simon was going crazy or something. It would have made a lot more sense if they had focused just a little more time on that plot line to tell the audience what was going on. Either way, they now have to clear Simon of the blame because IA thinks it’s him now, but they literally haven’t done anything with this story line since this episode.

When Jace finally gets through the portal because Clary is taking to long somehow a demon follows him inside and attacks Jace, injecting him with venom. This is also strange because apparently he cannot be healed of this venom even though it was no different from any other demon wound he has even had.

This episode ends with Clary in Jace going through the portal that her pendant belongs to and they end up in Valentine’s lair in Chernobyl. They find Michael Wayland in a locker (and if you have watched every episode, you know where this goes next episode) which is obviously a shock and there was tons of speculation on what is going on here.

Random observation: I thought it was funny that as soon as they land in Chernobyl there’s green lighting on Jace because green lighting = evil.

Favorite Quote

Jace: On a scale of 1 to Namaste how screwed are we?

Okay so this was a funny line even though it technically makes no sense, but it felt like  Jace line so I’ll accept it.

Grade: C



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