Shadowhunters Episodes 7 & 8

I took tons of notes on episode 7 so sorry if this post is a bit longer than the others! This does, of course, contain spoilers for the Shadowhuters TV show and The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare so readers beware! Episode 8 is actually nto going to be included because I have not had the time to rewatch it, many apologies but here are my thoughts on episode 7, “Major Arcana.”

Episode 7: Major Arcana

First Impressions

The hallucination at the start of the episode is a bit odd. It starts off with Simon in bed with Maureen implying that he was so upset about Jace and Clary that he ran to Maureen to feel better and sleep with her so he could get over it. But then he sees Clary instead of Maureen asking him when he will ask her to be his girlfriend and royally screws up the situation in an incredibly awkward way.Maureen apparently calls Simon’s sister, Rebecca, after this because his family confronts him later thinking he’s on drugs or something.

Jace is a sore loser because Luke doesn’t allow him and clary to go into the police station with him. I laughed at his line here all stubborn like “It sounded boring anyways” *humph*

Jace also has a sight rune on which (on the show) calls for a close up on Jace’s eyes and bug-like noises in the background to illustrate that Jace has super-sight. I’m just saying these special effects had better improve in season 2. Maybe now that they have been renewed they will have a larger budget to fine tune things.

CHEESE ALERT: Jace helps Clary draw the Nyx rune on her shoulder by holding her hand and whispering in her ear again… sigh. Also, the night vision effects *cringe*

I loved the scene at the police station when Alec and Izzy go in to get an ID to get through a door and Alec does some adorably awkward flirting with the officer at the desk and then they do this epic badge fling where Izzy catches the badge and AHH. I think that’s probably my favorite scene in the show so far. It was well shot and the slow-mo was so necessary and worked perfectly.

Demon Jace annoyed me because it was inconsistent with the show so far (shocker). As a demon, he should have just burst into ichor and disappeared as soon as Clary stabs him with the seraph blade, but no he sticks around for a second making Clary doubt her judgement before bursting into that weird demon-tentacle mouth and dying.

What I Missed

Apparently I didn’t notice initially that Java Jones is a food truck and not a sit-down coffee shop. *Fun fact: I google Java Jones nd found out that it is an actual coffee shop in Michigan… Not NYC. Bummer.

Rebecca exists in the show but the extent of her acting is all awkward delivery of lines and fake surprise which she shows by widening her eyes and putting her hands over her mouth. She just seems kind of pointless.

Final Thoughts 

Jace goes all crazy at the end of the episode and starts taking charge like “Clary is the only thing that matters”. “I’ll take responsibility” blah blah blah but then Clary shows up and he says that stupid “You have the sight” line and clary gets this desperate look in her eye and kisses Jace. I mean the moment is fine but then the background music burst into some song about being lost in love and it turned cheesy, and awkward because Izzy and Alec and basically the whole institute was watching them.

Oh and the very last scene where Simon goes back to DuMort and Camille actually turns him made me laugh because they cut the end with a scream and I was like no. Just no. But thanks for the giggle.

Favorite Quote (I have a few again)

  1. Investigator guy that I forgot the name of: Hey, what happened to the camera?             Luke: I’ve been asking the same question for years.
  2. Alec: This is a disaster                                                                                                                            Jace: Demon pox is a disaster. This is an inconvenience.
  3. Clary: What’s the unlock rune again?                                                                                               Jace: *kicks door in* Open says-me
  4. Simon’s mom: I’ve never heard him this quiet around pasta before.


Grade: C




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