Shadowhunters Episodes 3 & 4

Episode 3: Dead Man’s Party

First Impressions

This was by far the cheesiest episode yet, in terms of special effects and weird things happening for no reason. This episode is centered around rescuing Simon from the Hotel DuMort where he is being held captive as a pawn to get the Mortal Cup for Camille. Camille is an interesting choice for the storyline since she is actually MIA in the books and Raphael is fully in charge in her absence. Regardless, her casting works, even for lack of accuracy to book description, because I feel like the actress does look good for the role of a bossy evil vampiress. There are some scenes where I think she’s really overacting though, maybe that’s just me. Another change made is that the Hotel DuMort is not a rundown hotel, it actually has luxurious furniture and decor inside, and the hotel’s disguise is that the building is under construction by the DuMort construction company. They’ve skipped the whole turning Simon into a rat thing here, probably for lack of budget, so the kidnapping and bargaining chip was the way they went instead. I’m not sure I like it, but if it gets the same end result then so be it. I like the backstory of the shadowhunters leaving weapons at every church, although I don’t remember them opening a grave in the books, I think it was just under a tile by the altar. OH and Camille can apparently stop time now?! Vamps definitely do not have this power. At all. Ever. At least not in these books. Maybe a warlock could, but definitely not a vampire. I also have a complaint about the over-sexualization of Izzy because she just sleeps with Meliorn to get info. Gross and not necessary either because Seelies can’t lie, they may dodge the truth, so just ask them very specific questions and they will have to answer truthfully. In the biker bar scene, I’m assuming The Hardtail is a made up place fo the purposes of the show, it just makes no sense that Clary had to be seduced for so long in order for Jace to get the keys. I know he was trying to prove a point but ew. That was probably the creepiest vamp I have ever seen.

This episode ends with everyone being kind of angry and some foreshadowing of Simon becoming a vampire because he’s staring at Clary’s pulsing neck at the end. Too much staring at each other, though. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary. First impression of Raphael is pretty good overall. I like that he’s included and shown as an important character because they just ignored him in the movie adaptation.

What I Missed

Where exactly is Meliorn? This episode gives the impression that he literally just hangs out in a tent somewhere in Central Park rather than underground in the Seelie Court. I remember watching the first time and laughing that the vamps were drinking “bloody” marys, but I definitely didn’t notice the pitcher of fake blood before this time (gags).

Cheese Count

  1. Abracadabra (sigh)
  2. Jace-shows-Clary-how-to-use-a-seraph-blade-by-holding-her-arm-from-behind-and-whispering-in-her-ear cliche
  3. Lame special effects on the flying motorcycle scene where they’re obviously sitting in front of a greenscreen and bouncing on a stationary motorcycle.
  4. Just the graveyard scene overall basically
  5. Camille picks up an old-fashioned telephone several times during the invasion of the hotel, but there is no indication of her dialing the phone to anyone, where the line connects, or if anyone is actually on the other side of the line.
  6. Vampires wiggle their fingers in front of your face to put you into a trance (I know they probably didn’t want to steal the pupil dilating thing from TVD but come on. FINGER WIGGLES? REALLY?)

Favorite Quote

There was not a single quote I liked enough out of this episode to place it here. Oh actually maybe the part where Alec and Izzy first enter DuMort and Alec says “You have fairy dust on you dress.” That was funny I guess.

Grade: C-

Episode 4: Raising Hell

First Impressions

Simon continues to have vampire hallucinations during this episode where he sees blood on his face and Camille when he looks in the mirror. We also get shirtless Jace scene #1 in this episode and of course it is awkward but appreciated nonetheless 😉 Magnus is formally introduced in this episode and he acts very Jack Sparrow-like to start. Again, I’m wondering if this was a conscious choice because at one point he literally says the words “drink up,” like Jack Sparrow does pretty much all the time. Clary immediately acts as if Magnus is an enemy to her, did she completely forget that her mother forced him to take Clary’s memories, and paid him to do it? I love the lines where Magnus is flirting with Alec, though. he has some great lines here and there that just make me giggle. The effects of the ruby necklace are also horrible. It pulses, sure, but it also makes a weird TARDIS-like sound effect as it pulses which make it feel like the prop was purchased at a 99 cent store. The end of this episode shows Clary’s first vision of Valentine, so now she knows what Valentine looks like.

Most Cringe-worthy Scenes:

  1. Parabatai tracking scene- why do they have to stare into each other’s eyes and slowly move closer to each other’s faces. Extremely awkward from an audience standpoint.
  2. Memory Demon Scene- A combination of cheesy “I’m not gay I don’t love Jace” Alec stuff and absolutely horrific special effects when Jace is just being suspended in the air by the memory demon. (Also, right before this scene when they cut to commercial and Clary lets out a shriek like there’s no tomorrow because Jace is drawing some rune on her that is apparently essential for demon summoning. This is probably the worst commercial cut ever)

What I Missed

I didn’t remember the episode starting off with Clary seeing Jace at her bedside even though it was Simon, but ew. I’m also wondering how many rune compartments they have in the floor tiles at the institute because honestly those are terrible places to hide things. All you have to do to get in is trace a stele over the rune and BOOM secret “high-security” compartment is open. Alec literally opens one and places the necklace that he doesn;t want Jace and Clary to have right in front of Jace and Clary. Like hello dude! They know exactly where it is AND how to get it. Good job keeping it away from them.

Side note: I totally want Simon’s union jack computer mouse

Final Thoughts 

Favorite Quote

Clary: Is he gonna be okay?

Magnus: I don’t know. Does he normally just lay there without moving?


Alec: Well done.

Magnus: Meh, more like medium rare.


Grade: C+


One thought on “Shadowhunters Episodes 3 & 4

  1. I think it’s not any old stele, though. From what I gathered, it was actually Alec’s stele specifically that has to open it. But I see your point.

    The leaning closer bit was – I think- Alec leaning in closer to kiss Jace.

    The cheesiness was pretty high on the cheesiness scale. However, it does get better with each episode. This week’s is number 10.

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