Let’s talk about… Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I absolutely LOVED Red Queen!

Mare Barrow is a Red, but she’s unlike any other Red she knows. The Silvers are people with silver blood and they have special powers such as mind control, super strength, super speed, and so much more. Mare is about to turn 18, and without a job, she is headed on a straight path to conscription into the war that has been going on since before she was born. Then, Mare finds herself in the company of the prince and heir to the throne of Norta and is handed a job as a servant to the royal family. Mare discovers that, unlike any other Red, she has powers and can control lightning. From there Mare’s life changes dramatically and she quickly becomes betrothed to the younger prince of Norta and has to hide the fact that she has red blood and make convince the country that she is a Silver by birth.

I will admit that it was a little difficult to get into at the start, but there was a lot of necessary world building to do as this is the first book in a series. This is something I was willing to overlook because I know it needed to happen. That said, when I got about halfway through this book, I had hit the point of no return. I absolutely could not put it down because I was absolutely hooked. It’s my favorite thing ever when a book gets to that point so from the middle on, as the plot thickened, I really grew to love Mare’s story.

I have yet to even purchase Glass Sword and have only flipped through a few pages of the novellas in Cruel Crown at work. I hope to read them soon (though my next purchase is definitely going to be Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare *wink*) and I can’t wait to get more of Mare’s story!

I don’t want to spoil much because this is a book you have to read without spoilers to enjoy! So if you haven’t read Red Queen yet, do it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

My rating: 4 stars



I don’t like to be spoiled on twists, so that’s why I’ve only just mentioned this under the spoiler area! BUT oh my goodness I never saw it coming. I could not believe that Maven was plotting against the king and Cal and Mare the whole time. Working with his mother to gain the throne for himself and I was completely shocked by everything that happened due to Maven’s betrayal. Victoria Aveyard beautifully wrote Maven to become a character that could be trusted both by Mare and by the audience. I think the lack of dramatic irony in this situation came into such an advantage for the story because the readers themselves are blind-sighted by Maven when he turns on his family and on his betrothed. I was shocked the most when it came to Cal’s stepmother forcing Cal to kill his own father both to get the king out of the way and on top of that so she could broadcast it across the nation and make sure that Cal could no longer inherit the throne. Now the whole of Norta believes that Cal has betrayed his father and country when really it was his stepmother and half brother who betrayed him and the king.

The other twist is of course in the epilogue when it is revealed that Mare’s brother Shade is still alive. I was absolutely heartbroken for Mare when her family finds out that Shade was executed before he could be removed from service in the war, but I also knew that not all of her brothers would be coming home. I have to say that part was a bit predictable. However, I definitely did not see it coming that Shade would actually be alive and have special Red blood powers like his sister Mare. I am quite interested to see where the story goes with Shade and the search for more Reds with Silver abilities.


See you next time 🙂




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