Let’s Talk About… All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher is a Youtuber, actress, and now author who released her first book last year. All I Know Now is a memoir of her life so far and is filled with funny, sad, and other types of stories that she thought might be helpful to the youth of today. Her experiences are of the normal sort, and that is why they are so relatable to teens and young adults who are going out on their own and trying to make sense of life. Carrie’s book is charming and fun to read and because of this, I rate the book with 5 of 5 stars. 🙂

Carrie touches on many aspects of life in her book including school, relationships, family, and what one might call “adulting”. She shares her experiences with being bullied in school, which I thought was a really great way to connect with the audience. Bullying is still a major problem in the middle stages of school all over the world and as much as we would like this to be different, there are still load of young people who are too scared to get help against their bullies. In reading her stories, Carrie hopes her audience might realize that it is okay to seek help and also that things will get better soon.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I am always really interested in people’s “first love,” “first kiss,” or “first relationship” stories. I mean it’s possible that I’m interested because I have yet to experience these things (which seems to be rare at my age) but I just genuinely like to hear these stories, everyone has a different one.

Reading about someone’s life can be an odd experience, especially when it’s an autobiography because you know that the author is putting as much of themselves into the stories as possible. Reading Carrie’s book was like that. I have been watching her videos for at least 4 or 5 months now, so reading her book was like hearing her book. I could hear her voice in almost every sentence and I think that made the experience so much more enjoyable. Just knowing that her life has also been weird and bumpy and NORMAL is such a relief. So much of the time, a YouTuber’s audience only sees one side of the creator’s life. We see the fun days, the happy faces, the exciting announcements, but it is rare to see a normal side of them. Their lives can be mistaken as perfect, but let’ be real. No one has a perfect life. All I Know Now proves just this. Life isn’t perfect by any means and even if it comes close, there was probably a rocky path to get there.

I think the best part of Carrie’s book, for me, was that the book made me think about my own life differently. I realized that I was only doing things because I thought I was supposed to be doing them and not because it made me genuinely happy to do them. I found this to be a thought-provoking, feel-good read and I think now I will be approaching life with a new mindset.


Until next time… xoxo Katie


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